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foobar2000 v1.6.12: Winamp-Konkurrent kann Opus in MP4 wiedergeben

foobar2000 v1.6.12: Winamp competitor can play Opus in MP4

Image: foobar2000

The free media player foobar2000already competing with Winamp for the MP3 crown at the beginning of the new millennium, is now learning how to play the audio format, which has been specially optimized for streaming. opus in media files in video container format MP4. Bug fixes for the GUI are also included.

foobar2000 receives product maintenance+

Foobar2000, which has been published since 2002 by former Nullsoft developer Peter Pawlowski, has received product+ maintenance with the latest version update 1.6.12, which, in addition to the Opus open source audio format and bug fixes for the graphical user interface, it also includes those with each new version includes mandatory optimizations.

According to the officer release notes the following changes flow into foobar2000 v1.6.12:

  • Added support for playing Opus audio in an MP4 container.
  • Fixed obscure UI glitches (list controls, default UI splitter).
  • Repetitive library scan error messages have been suppressed.
  • More consistent behavior of Properties/Item dialog versus channel mask information on multiselect.
  • Made it possible to automatically update components larger than 16 MB.
  • FTP protocol bug fixes.
  • Improved media library support for some read-only network shares.
  • Removed annoying “legacy page” message for preferences pages that don’t implement apply/cancel logic.

foobar2000 v1.6.12 – Release Notes

The free media player is said to have been further optimized regarding the use of the FTP network protocol and the built-in media library.

Easy enough today, as it was then

foobar2000 v1.6.12 supports all current formats like AAC, AIFF, AU, CD Audio, FLAC, MPC, MP1, MP2, MP3, MPEG-4 AAC, Musepack, SND, Speex, VOC, Vorbis, WAV, WavPack and WMA and it is very resource efficient. The great novelty is the support for the opus codec.

The open standard is designed for real-time, interactive streaming over the Internet and aims to combine the highest possible sound quality with the lowest possible latency.

Freeware is not the same as open source

Although the core source code of the program is not freely available, the author offers a complete development kit containing the source code of most of the components, under the permissive open source license. bsd in.

Download at Computer Base

As usual, the latest version of foobar2000 for Windows 7 to Windows 11 and macOS from version 10.11 (“El Capitan”) can be downloaded directly below this post from the ComputerBase download area.

The competition today, as then, is the Winamp media player, whose latest version, Winamp 5.9, is about to come out and is also linked as a download.


  • foobar2000

    4.7 stars

    foobar2000 is a versatile audio player that can handle almost any format.

    • Version v1.6.12
    • Version v2.3, mac OS
  • winamp

    4.6 stars

    Winamp is the classic audio player for Windows and has a very loyal following.

    • Version 5.666 build 3516 German
    • Version 5.9 Build 9999 RC4
    • +2 more
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