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ITALIA - Tenta di rubare le offerte in Chiesa, poi scarica di pugni sul volto di un

Try out to steal offerings from the church, then strike an old girl in the facial area

The Carabinieri of the Operational and Radio Cellular Nucleus of the Sestri Levante Enterprise, assisted by the troopers of the Casarza Ligure Station, arrested SG, born in 1963, Italian, at first from Biella, but de facto homeless, for the criminal offense of aggravated theft and injuries. Significant personalized damage to a 78-yr-old lady, fully commited on Saturday May 29 at 1:00 p.m., inside the Church of San Michele Arcangelo in Casarza Ligure (GE).

The target was praying on the pews of the vacant church when she observed a person furtively seeking around the votive candle offering box on a facet altar. Experience that he was attempting to take out the costs from the cup, the aged female boldly advised the attacker to desist, but to the latter’s indifference, the sufferer took his cellular cellphone and warned him that, if he did not cease straight away, he would simply call the parish priest .

And at that moment, the one particular who seemed like just a thief, approached the old female, strike her with a violent blow to the face, grabbed her bag, leaned from the bench and took her cellular cellular phone and wallet. He then fled, leaving the victim on the floor bleeding and 50 % unconscious. Shortly immediately after, the parish priest arrived and identified as the ambulance and the carabinieri.

The victim of the assault was promptly taken to the Lavagna unexpected emergency room. The soldiers of the Radio Cellular Tariff of the Organization of Sestri Levante right away intervened in the spot, reconstructing what transpired and attaining the first elementary testimonies.

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Then, jointly with colleagues from the Casarza Ligure station, they considered the photographs of the municipal video clip surveillance procedure.

Hence commenced the search for the thief.

The soldiers followed the path of the felony, who experienced arrived in Casarza Ligure aboard a bus. And the illustrations or photos from the energetic cameras aboard the bus in which he boarded to escape, supplied other valuable things.

Guys from the Sestri Levante Operational Center promptly adopted his trail and blocked him at the Lavagna coach station, where by he was about to board a practice bound for Genoa.

Experienced it been profitable, the searches would have been substantially additional complex. SG was declared in the custody of a criminal offense suspect and escorted to Marassi Prison. The target, taken to the Lavagna hospital unexpected emergency home, was observed with a fractured cheekbone and nose with a prognosis of 40 times.

The wallet was found by the Community Law enforcement of Casarza Ligure in a rubbish can around the bus quit in close proximity to the church, the place of the robbery.