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France to face Japan for gold in judo

France to face Japan for gold in judo

00h30: Vincent Luis, Dorian Coninx, Cassandre Beaugrand, Leonie Periault (triathlon)

12:30 am.: Romain Langasque, Antoine Rozner (golf)

2h30: Mélina Robert-Michon (athlete – disco)

2:40: Renaud Lavillenie, Valentin Lavillenie, Ethan Cormont (athlete – pole vault)

2h50: Gabriel Tual at 2:58, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse at 3:14, Benjamin Robert at 3:22 (athlete – 800m)

3h: Iran-France (basket)

3:20 am: Karim Laghouag (horse riding – event)

Starting at 4 am: France in 3rd rotation (judo)

4h11: Florent Manadou, Maxime Grousset (birth)

4:20 am: Anthony Jeanjean (BMX freestyle)

4:20 am: Cécilia Berder, Manon Brunet, Charlotte Lembach (fencing)

4:30 am: France-England (rugby)

4:32 am: Mélanie Henique (swimming)

5 am: Océane Muller (filming)

Starting at 5 am: Emile Amoros and Lucas Rual / Albane Dubois and Lili Sebesi / Quentin Delapierre-Manon Audinet (sailing)

6h: Allan Morante (trampoline)

7.15 am: Russia-France (hand)

7:30 am: MEDAL RACE Charline Picon (sailing)

7.50 am: Allan Morante is final (springboard)

8:30 am: Thomas Goyard MEDAL RACE (sailing)

9:00 am: Océane Muller if it is final (filming)

10:30 am: Third place finish? (rugby)

10:48 am: Billal Bennama (boxing)

11 am: Final (rugby)

12:10 pm: Augustin Bey (athlete – length)
1:50 pm: Renelle Lamote in the 2nd series at 2 pm (athlete – 800m)