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US authorities refused Blue Origin to review NASA's contract with SpaceX

US authorities refused Blue Origin to review NASA’s contract with SpaceX

The US authorities did not see any irregularity in the actions of NASA, which gave the contract for the creation of the lunar module SpaceX. Previously, Blue Origin demanded to choose two, not one, contractor for the project, and promised the agency $ 2 billion for the contract.

ото: Donna Blankinship / AP

The US Audit Office denied Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin a review of the contract for the development and creation of the lunar module, which NASA gave to SpaceX.

“The chamber found that NASA did not violate the law or public procurement rules by awarding a contract to a single company. <...> The agency reserved the right to award one, two or more contracts, or not conclude it at all. When deciding to award the contract, NASA was guided by the fact that it only has funding for one “, – He says in the department’s decision.

Blue Origin said it will continue to seek a review of the space agency’s decision.

“There were serious problems with NASA’s decision, which the US Audit Office was unable to resolve due to its limited competence. We continue to advocate for a two-contractor scheme as we believe this is the right decision. ” He directed AP statement from company spokeswoman Linda Mills.

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