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Francesco Facchinetti smells bad in the garden: his signature collection goes viral

Francesco Facchinetti smells bad in the garden: his signature collection goes viral

Can’t take more of that mysterious stench that he feels from the garden of his villa, in Mariano Comense, in the province of Como. I like this Francesco Facchinetti unburdened himself on Instagram and, not satisfied, he also launched a collection of signatures, asking his fellow citizens to add their reports. And since the artist and director son of Roby Facchinetti dei Pooh is one of the most followed VIPs on the Net, the matter went viral in a flapping of wings.

Francesco Facchinetti smells in the garden and …

Angry porters:

“I broke this stench of sulfur and latrine, friends from the Municipality of Mariano help me.”

This is how he debuted in a story published on Instagram. Francesco Facchinetti. As Prima Como writes, The complaint, addressed to his 1 million followers and more, published on Saturday, July 31, 2021, soon made its way across the Web..

“For years from that area (points beyond its high hedge, ie) comes a stench between latrine and sulfur, a hallucinatory substance, every day from morning to night.

I have sent emails to all the authorities in charge, but no one has ever answered me and now I am writing to my friends from the Municipality of Mariano Comense, the Carabinieri and the Municipal Police: help me because I can’t take it anymore. I’m angry, you pollute the air, I have money and time to spend coming to get you. “

… launches a signature collection that immediately goes viral

Many inhabitants of the area, through comments and messages, responded saying that they have been victims of the same situation for years, but the problem has never been solved.

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“Last night the smell in the house was terrible, it was suffocating in Via Pascoli, I was convinced it was a landfill.”

“I confirm a crazy headache smell later Thursday night.”

“It is true that last night returning from work we closed the car windows, the stench was breathless.”

And so on for dozens.

I like this, With the support of the other residents, Facchinetti decided to better organize his battle, even launching a form to organize all reports. With a new story, he called to appeal to all those who have lived or are living the same situation.

Fill the form That is why we collect the first signatures you need – he explained – You will also find a space where you can tell from a to z what is happening in your country and if you have made inquiries, tell me everything because everything is necessary. I know that in Novedrate they have already fought some battles in 2015 but nothing has happened. Surely these bullying companies love to play with the underdog, but now you’re dealing with a tall, big, ugly, bad, pissed off, rich, and powerful guy, so that’s your problem. “

A FIRST RESPONSE TO THE APPEAL: Tagliabue (M5s) responds to Facchinetti: “I will send a question, let’s try to understand the causes of the smell.”