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Free Drive mode: Porsche takes the Track Precision app on the road

Image: Porsche

Porsche’s Track Precision app, previously designed for track analysis on the race track, opens with Free Drive mode for public roads. However, to ensure that public roads do not become a race track, Porsche has deliberately reduced the range of functions in the app. The app is available for Android and iOS.

The Porsche Track Precision app establishes a Wi-Fi connection with Porsche Communication Management (PCM) (test), i.e. the car’s infotainment system, and accesses information from the control unit in the vehicle to determine, among other things, things, vehicle position, speed, rpm, braking force, steering angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, as well as other driving-relevant telemetry data.

Update for Android and iOS app

With a recent update, the for android from version 8.0 and for iOS The app available from version 14 onwards includes the Free Drive mode, which offers a partly reduced, but also expanded range of functions. The best lap time should not be achieved on public roads, that’s why Porsche.”idyllic walks‘ comes to the fore. Permanent recording of a video with an overlay of vehicle data via a smartphone mounted behind the windshield is no longer possible in Free Drive mode. Instead, the app decides for itself via the vehicle’s sensors whether a “special driving event“was recorded, which is then recorded with 30 seconds each before and after the moment.

The goal is to document the last output.

The triggers for these special driving events are “dynamic driving maneuvers“, as Porsche describes the function, which includes, for example, high braking pressure, strong acceleration or higher G-forces. However, the driver can also manually intervene to record the desired moment on video. The moments recorded in the mode Free Drive can be supplemented with your own photos and videos that were taken, for example, during a break from driving. A multi-faceted documentation of the last drive must be created within the app. However, the Track Precision app is reserved for complete analysis with all travel parameters when used on the race track.

Extended documentation of trips with own photos and videos
Extended travel documentation with your own photos and videos (Image: Porsche)

Integrated Offroad Precision App Features

With the current update, Porsche also integrates the functions of the previous Offroad Precision app available separately in the Track Precision app. Consequently, there are now tips for driving on unpaved terrain. In addition, the live information display while driving in Apple CarPlay has been expanded to include the new Free Drive mode. The Track Precision app also serves as a point of contact for race track briefings, braking point advice, and driving dynamics background explanations.