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Free apps for iOS and Android: these downloads are currently free

Free for Android and iOS: Get these apps and games

What would a weekend be without free downloads for Android smartphones Y iPhone’s? Luckily we have found some offers for you for both Android and iOS. But be careful: the apps will only be free for a short time, so jump to the links quickly!

Twice a week we bring you our list of mobile games and apps that you can land for free for a short time. But unlike our list of top five apps of the week we do not pre-evaluate these applications.

, we will not test the applications in this article beforehand. So be a little more careful downloading before you fall into a cost trap, because some apps may contain microtransactions.

Also free for 1 month:
More than 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

Advice: Sometimes apps are fundamentally interesting, but currently not necessary. If you find such an app in the list below, just install it anyway. You can activate it again directly from your cell phone because it ends up in your app library and can be reinstalled from there at any time for free.

Free apps for your Android phone

These apps are free on the Google Play Store

  • Handheld Camera: DSLR Pro (€4.99): This app offers additional features compared to the standard camera app. You can set the focus, ISO value and shutter speed manually. You can also save RAW files in DNG image format.
  • QR and Barcode Scanner Pro (€0.99): Allows you to create QR codes for Websites, Contacts, WiFi, Phone, Text and SMS. These QR codes can be saved in PNG and JPG format.
  • Quasi-zenithal satellite coordinates (€11.99): With this application you get information about the map of quasi-zenithal satellite coordinates. It contains latitude and longitude, as well as the corresponding information from Google Maps.

These mobile games are available for free on the Google Play Store

  • The most expensive game of 2048 (€399.99): Do you want to have one of the most expensive applications on your smartphone for free? So get this game where you connect the numbers and finally you get to 2048.
  • New princess dress up game (€2.49): Self-proclaimed as one of the most beautiful dress up games of 2021, you have your own fashion salon studio and can dress up like a princess with clean skin, put on a face mask, trim your eyebrows, etc. There are dozens of free tools that you can try to look even more beautiful.
  • shore up (€0.99): Explore the future with this challenging world of puzzles. In this game you will meet Zen, a robot cat from the past. You must “request” time to save Zen!
  • Dungeon Shooter: Black Temple (€3.49): In this fun and cool indie game, you fight as a fighter, explore ancient tombs and dungeons, search for treasure, obtain weapons and accessories, while constantly improving your own and your pets’ abilities, and facing increasingly powerful monsters .
  • paranormal territory (€0.99): You are in a small provincial town where, on your way home from work, you discover that your family has disappeared. You are going to look for them, and this game will push your courage to the limit.
  • My city: Babysitter (€4.49): In My City: Babysitter you become a babysitter for a day. So you dress the babies for a trip to the park, play kids games in the living room, run your own daycare, and much more. Since all My City games are connected, you can even take the train to babysit elsewhere.
  • Fun mini extreme car racing (€2.49): In Mini Car Racing Fun Car Extreme Stunts you can challenge your best friends in a battle of classic racing skills and fun car stunts. There are endless impossible missions for you to enjoy in this multi level car stunt game.
  • rae fit body 3D model (€7.99): Do you want to slim down your virtual figure? It’s time to get rid of your body fat to look really elegant and slim. But that’s not so easy, because you have to overcome numerous obstacles and food chains of the right diets to achieve the figure of your dreams! The app description sounds a bit of a shame, doesn’t it?
  • Burning Fortress 2 (€1.00): In this game you have to overcome your opponent’s fortress with your troops. You have to think carefully about which units you use and from which angle you attack to be victorious.

Free apps for your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS.

  • Epic 2 Pro (€0.99): This photo app also claims to be one of the most fun camera apps in the world. You can discover new poses, special effects and scenes.
  • My Luv for couples (€3.99): Touted as a “must-have app” for couples, this app is beautifully designed and easy to set up so you can keep track of important dates like anniversaries and events.
  • IDK Decision Maker (€2.99): I DONT KNOW? Decision Maker helps the indecisive to make their lives easier. Simply enter a question, tally up your points, and voila! You can use cute animated emoticons to express your feelings, add, edit, and prioritize your decision points, and even share your dilemma on social media.
  • RGB keyboard (€1.99): Want to beautify your virtual keyboard with a customizable animated keyboard light? Then this app is perfect for you, because it offers you the possibility to use two languages ​​at the same time and it has autocorrect and suggestions.

These mobile games are free for iOS

  • kotoro (€2.99): Kotoro is the first atmospheric puzzle game about mixing colors. It is based on the rules we learned as children. Your goal is simple: become a specific color by mixing it with others.
  • Blox 3D World Builder (€2.99): Build beautiful worlds, from giant windmills to rugged castles, with simple taps, and add animals, people, and birds for an incredible creative experience.
  • anti-stress relaxation games (€1.99): If you just want to relax, distract yourself or enjoy a moment of distraction, download this application and listen to the sound of bamboo bells, play with wooden boxes or gently run your finger through the water, draw with chalk, etc.
  • Dress Up3D Dolls (€1.99): If you are a fan of pixel art and love dressing up or dressing up as cute and sexy 3D anime characters, then this is the perfect app for you to cultivate your talent.
  • Wizard Battle Chess (€0.99): With fully animated 3D chess pieces, you get realistic water and destruction effects while playing offline or online against the computer, yourself, a random player or your friend. The offline AI has four difficulty levels with around 200, 400, 800 and 1600 ELO depending on the computing power of your device.

We cross our fingers that you have found what you are looking for. If not, we’ll get back to you early next week with more suggestions and by then we’re sure to have something. Have a great start and weekend, dear ones!