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Free PC games: you can download these top games for free



There are numerous free PC games on Epic Games, Steam, and Ubisoft. Here is an overview of many free titles.

Infinite halo

New PC games quickly cost between 50 and 70 euros. Before you get your wallet out too fast, you should first check out the free games. After all, there are many free games.

Free titles are already numerous, but sometimes publishers also give away full versions or allow you to play newer games for a short period of time over the weekend. In the gallery below you can see which highlights of the game are currently free.

Halo Infinite - Multiplayer

Photo gallery

These games are currently available to download for free.

These games are currently available to download for free.

Are the games really free?

Game giveaways on Steam and the Epic Games Store are usually free full versions with which you don’t have to fear any additional costs. The situation is different with many free titles. Here you can sometimes invest small amounts of money in equipment or skins. However, as a general rule, this is not mandatory.

Weekends off

From time to time, publishers give you the opportunity to play a game for free for a certain period of time. Here you can find out when a free weekend is held.

Free-Games im Epic Games Store

You should keep an eye out for the Epic Games store regularly, because Epic Games is giving away free games every week. You can access it through the following link to the summary with the free games.

Free games on Steam

Millions of players use Steam, Valve’s gaming platform, and there are free games there too. You can download Steam, install it, and then immediately start playing without making any purchases. We guide you to the free overview.

Free games in Microsoft Store

Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft also offers a store where you can buy and download numerous programs and games. Here you also expect more 1000 free games. The highlights include the following two racing games:

Free games at Ubisoft

Do you also enjoy Ubisoft games? You should get the Free events des Publishers ansehen. There are several trial versions of popular titles like The Division 2, Ghost Recon Breakpoint or The Crew 2 available; each offers an insight into the game, but not the full experience. But there are also real full versions:

You’ll get these games in November with Prime Gaming

Twitch Prime has become Prime Gaming. For many years the service was called Twitch Prime, now Amazon has rebranded it Prime Gaming. If you have subscribed to an Amazon Prime subscription, not only will you benefit from the benefits directly at the online retailer, no, you will also get free games. We’ll tell you which titles are available for free with Prime Gaming in November.

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Control: Definitive Edition
  • Rogue heroes
  • Released
  • Puzzle Agent 2
  • Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter
  • BAFL – Brakes are for losers
  • Secret Files: Sam Peters

You can use the following link secure Prime Gaming games.

Even more free games thanks to Google Stadia

Do you want to play, but your computer does not have enough power? Then you should take a look at the so-called game streaming services. One of the most famous is Google Stadia. You can make the offer Try one month free with a trial subscription and get access to about ten games, including PUBG and Destiny 2.

Google Stadia in the first test
Games in the cloud also on smartphones

Google Stadia Launches, But Is It Netflix Streaming Service For Games? Find out the latency and requirements in our short test.

All you currently need for Google Stadia is a stable and fast internet connection. It must offer a download speed of at least 10 Mbit per second. You can test how fast your internet connection is with the Netzwelt speed test.

Play free PS4 games on PC

You can also try another cloud gaming service for free. Sony offers you one free seven-day access from PlayStation Now (PS Now). Just give the service a try and play many PS4 and PS3 games on your computer. You’ll also find exclusive highlights like Bloodborne or Spider-Man.

Play free Xbox One games on PC

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If, on the other hand, you want to play Xbox games properly on your PC, you might want to give Game Pass a try. This gives you access to over 100 titles. Currently, you can also take advantage of a special offer and pay only one euro for the first month of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate premium subscription (then 13 euros per month). You can cancel at any time. If you buy for one euro, it is extremely cheap considering the offer. It’s not actually completely free, but of course we don’t want to deny you the deal.

The Ultimate subscription doesn’t just give you access to PC and console games. You will automatically receive an Xbox Live Gold membership, which Microsoft requires for online multiplayer, as well as exclusive discounts.

Looking for a quick hobby for your lunch break or lunch break at the office? Numerous free browser games are waiting for you in our Netzwelt game room!

Free games on other platforms

There are also free games on other platforms! We list in separate articles the …

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