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Riot announces two more League of Legends spin-offs for 2022

Riot’s publishing arm, Riot Forge, will launch two new derivative games League of Legends in 2022. Song of Nunu, which was announced this week, and Convergence, an action platformer with Ekko, to be released next year.

In an announcement video posted today, Song of Nunu looks a bit like The Last Guardian wrapped up in LoL’s cartoon art style. It is an action-adventure game set in the Freljord, a rugged tundra connected to different characters from Runeterra.

Riot does not stop with advances in the world of video games

You play as Nunu, a League of Legends champion, and you can ride his yeti, Willump, to scale walls, cross crumbling bridges, and slide down slopes. The game is developed by Tequila Works, the Madrid-based developer that previously made The Sexy Brutale and Rime.

Convergence, which was previously announced in the 2019, includes Ekko and takes place in the wet district of Zaun, which is the main focus of the new program Netflix Arcane. It has the 2D look and combat pace of something like Dead Cells and features a time rewind mechanic. The developers at Double Stallion Games said during a new video that rewind will come into play when fighting enemies and in need of a powerful attack.

Both games have release dates of 2022. Although we live in an age where many games are falling behind their release dates, Riot Forge’s short curriculum suggests that these games are likely to they will come on climate. League spin-off RPG The Ruined King released a surprise this week after last year’s announcement, and the rhythm game. Hextech Chaos was announced and released this week.

Riot continues to tap into its massive League of Legends universe with games that magnify characters and parts of the world that MOBA can’t. Each new game in the world of Runeterra is an opportunity to orient the fiction towards different types of players.