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Gadgets: Science and technology:

Lead analyst of the Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin in an interview with Sputnik radio called a dead battery causes the smartphone to drain quickly.

The expert pointed out that any battery has a limit on the number of charge and discharge cycles. If this amount is exceeded, the performance of the device may decrease and, in advanced cases, an unexpected shutdown in heat or cold.

“His [батарею] It can be replaced regardless of whether the device has a folding case or not. Any battery can be replaced at the service center. You can do it once every three or four years ”, advises the specialist.

At the same time, Murtazin recommended changing the battery at an official service center, since trying to save money by installing a cheap non-certified analog can lead to much more serious costs and even lead to the loss of a smartphone. “It could swell, ignite and whatever,” he warned.

Formerly Roskachestvo Senior Digital Product Testing Specialist Sergey Kuzmenko call Russians don’t throw away old smartphones. The expert recalled that components that are harmful to people and the environment are used to manufacture gadgets, so they cannot be disposed of with the main waste.

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