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Martina Competition / Now the manager Merico unloads her responsibilities on the candidates |  Pugliapress

Martina Competitiveness / Now the manager Merico unloads her tasks on the candidates | Pugliapress

As a referee who even now decides to keep on in “professional forma“A match that would have to be suspended, so that the result is not taken into consideration in any way simply because the referee has previously declared the match about. Then you will have to describe in depth the causes, the context and every little thing that took place to direct you to this determination in the report at the conclusion of the race. Then Maurizia Merico concluded a contest that evidently had to be suspended and finished only for “good reasons of community order “. However, it is not obvious why the same manager, for his aspect, proceeded to proper the exams and make the position of those admitted with relative scores, but then – he questioned for clarification – wrote that “To keep away from the deterioration of the circumstance and the prevalence of gatherings of difficult administration and community purchaseHe made a decision to proceed with the acquisition of the copies necessary to have out the examination, inviting the employees to arrive to the Palazzo Ducale headquarters to obtain the copies of the paperwork. In any situation, it appears obvious that the Mayor of Ancona, in light of the clarifications furnished by the supervisor, will terminate the contest. There stay a lot of other uncertainties that should be analyzed and demonstrated the trick that the supervisor herself is adopting to get out of an regrettable circumstance, for case in point: “Why, if there were being occasions that could degenerate, Dr. Merico, urged by some candidates who have publicly penned in the minutes to call PolicemanDid you avoid performing it? Certainly since?

It took a number of times for the aforementioned executive who had to vacation resort to holiday vacation days to obtain a way out. Ultimately, the mountain gave start to the mouse.

Our journal will proceed to clarify, hoping to get rid of light-weight on a lot of other past competitions, chaired by the very same executive, when overall families are hired, we will examine them analytically. We owe it to all the youngsters who nevertheless believe that that meritocracy exists and have researched a life believing in it.