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Garande sur Mvoue: “Qualities, but it is not possible to make him play”

After the probable departure of Manu Koné towards Germany, many supporters cite Steve Mvoue as a possible alternative to midfield. The 18-year-old Cameroonian officially signed with Tèf last summer, but immediately underwent ankle surgery and wore a cast until this fall. Today, Mvoue Gradually resume training with the professional group.

Plus Patrice garande it is blocked since the National Championship 3, where the subsidiary plays, has stopped since the closure. Mvoue should have returned to this competition: “I am very happy to have him, because I saw in training that he knew how to do that he is a good player with qualities and that he can serve us. But poor boy, when and how is he going to play? He needs to find some rhythm with the matches and we cannot make him play with the reserve. We will have to put things in place to give it time and rhythm. Training is one thing, it is good for him, but at some point he will need to have a certain number of games to regain his competitive position. Today it is not possible to take it and play it like that.

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