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Game room - this is the perfect setup

Game room – this is the perfect setup

game room amenities

This is what the perfect playroom looks like for your kids (and you)

The game is even more fun when everything else is fine. We will show you how to turn the kids room into a video game paradise and get the highest score with your kids.

Next generation, next level: video games have become an indispensable part of everyday life for many children. As a result, the demands of the little ones in the children’s room have changed enormously. “Today, having a cool playroom is one of the biggest wishes of many kids aged 10 and over,” says Marion Förster from Görlitz, founder of the website. The blogging dad should know, since he has two gamer-crazy kids of his own. He revealed to Men’s Health Dad what’s important to his children in the nursery and how he divides up playtime and media moments in his family; after all, children must leave the room sometimes.

How do I schedule play and media times for the kids?

“Accompanying our children’s media use is an important task of being a parent these days,” says Mario Förster, because media and games are part of everyday life, to communicate with friends via Snapchat or simply to playing and relaxing is part of everyday life for many children and young people these days.

Mario Förster: “We divide the time in front of the console, the mobile phone and the PC in such a way that we allow the children to use their smartphones every day, but we only play on the weekends, at the latest on Friday night Our children have learned from this how to focus the week on their school and other hobbies, like soccer.” On the weekend, the two can play, here at the Förster house there is a fixed time of 3 to 4 hours a day. “We make sure that the same amount of time is played outdoors,” explains the dad blogger.

By the way: The “Look!” Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth recommends that parents of children aged 10 to 13 years agree on a play time of 9 hours a week.

This belongs to all game rooms.

When it comes to setting up a playroom for the kids, many parents still think of messy cables or cluttered desks that negatively affect the overall look of the kid’s room. It does not have to be. “We have made an attractive play environment possible for our children, all that is required is a little creativity and a clear perspective on the jungle of many products,” says expert Förster. The following items should be an integral part of a modern playpen:

  • atmospheric lighting
  • height adjustable game tables
  • comfortable ergonomic gaming chairs and wrist rest
  • Peripherals for good gaming performance
  • Environmental products that create atmosphere

Children’s gaming room: the best decoration tips

Many PCs and game consoles already have a modern design and corresponding lighting elements, LED strips for walls, tables or monitors and illuminated mechanical keyboards provide even more lighting ambience. “We’ve placed RGB strips behind the screens, and the stylish gaming chairs in our kids’ rooms ensure a healthy sitting posture and the finishing touch of gaming,” says Förster. Wall brackets are also useful, for example, to place monitors or lighting elements higher. The Expert: “Just make sure the room isn’t too crowded. Ideally, a suitable corner or wall in the room is chosen to display the game decor.”

Product Recommendations for a Game Room

Here Mario Förster presents the products he used to design and equip the children’s room with games:

Diablo X-Horn 2.0 Gaming Chair

Diablo X-Horn 2.0 Gaming Chair

© © Amazon

Order here: Diablo’s X-Horn 2.0

This children’s gaming chair is designed for a maximum load of 160 kilos and is suitable for children with a maximum height of 150 centimeters. The backrest can be tilted up to 160 degrees and thanks to the additional rocking and locking function, children can adjust the backrest as they wish. “Due to the elegant design with the antler neck pillow, the chair can be attractively integrated into the room of the playing children,” says Förster.

Mamre RGB Headphone Stand

Mamre Tower RGB Headphone Stand

Mamre Tower RGB Headphone Stand

© © Amazon

Order here: RGB headphone support

This stand is the ideal accessory for little gamers who want to store their headphones safely and in style. With a total height of 26.5 centimeters, the stand offers space for standard headphones. Thanks to the illuminated base, the stand can be attractively integrated into the play style of the children’s room. Kids can choose from 8 RPG lighting modes.

Govee Wi-Fi LED Strip

Govee Wi-Fi LED Strip

Govee Wi-Fi LED Strip

© © Amazon

Order here: Govee Wi-Fi LED Strip

Förster: “The strip with a length of 5 meters is ideal as harmonious LED lighting for the room of children who play.” It is dimmable and the intensity and color can be adjusted through the app. Together with their mom or dad, children can choose the colors in which the easy-to-place strips will be presented. They are controlled via Bluetooth, WiFi or language assistants, which makes it even easier for the little ones to operate.

StarryEver RGB LED Backlight

StarryEver Smart LED Light Bar

StarryEver Smart LED Light Bar

© © Amazon

Order here: StarryEver Lightbar

With the smart LED light bar, StarryEver provides the basis for extensive game lighting in the children’s room. Förster: “They can be set up next to the screen, connected and synchronized with the music through the boxes when playing.” The light changes intensity and color according to the soundtrack and noises, for example, the jumps in a jump n’ run. RGBICWW technology allows up to 16 million colors configurable through the app.

Zwoos Gaming LED Cactus

ZWOOS Gaming LED Cactus

Zwoos LED Cactus

© © Amazon

Order here: Zwoos Gaming LED Cactus

The highlight for the children’s room with games is this LED cactus. The rich green and size make the lamp an eye-catcher on your desk or nightstand. “It can be used excellently as an accent and consumes little energy thanks to the integrated LEDs,” says Förster. As a result, the cactus is durable and allows you to place an atmospheric neon light in the desired place in the children’s room.

Bozhihong LED Starry Sky

Bozhihong LED Starry Sky Projector

Bozhihong LED Starry Sky Projector

© © Amazon

Order here: Bozhihong LED Starry Sky

Bozhihong’s starry sky LED projector brings a special touch to the children’s gaming room. The device creates a 3D galaxy night sky with up to 16,000,000 colors on walls and ceilings. 4 modes, a timer and noise cancellation are available. The projector can be adjusted using an app or easy-to-use voice commands. Children can use the projector to play games, fall asleep or relax.

Conclusion: arcade to the next level

Update your children’s room and turn it into a cool game room. We have told you everything you need for it in the previous article. And if you want to know which gaming accessories are also popular among young PC gamers, take a look finished: Mario Förster has put together everything worth knowing there.

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