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Gamer Recreates Ghostbusters Theme With Redstone

Gamer Recreates Ghostbusters Theme With Redstone

Minecraft allows you to create entire worlds and even compose entire songs using the Redstone tool. Now the player Raevix has entered the world of Ghostbusters and recomposed the world-famous theme. The video he posted on reddit takes you right back to the 80’s!

5 days of work

As the user says in his video on reddit, it took him 5 days to build the famous theme. Originally, the plan was to assemble the songs in a classical way. But this consisted of 3,000 bills. For this reason, he would have had to do without a classical linear circuit.

use repeats

That’s when he came up with the idea of ​​dividing the song into loops and turning the loops on and off little by little through logic circuitry. As you can see on reddit, he did it.

Everything was built in creativity mode. Now you want to rebuild everything again in survival mode.


once again shows Minecraft, anything is possible, but only with the right creative minds. Wonderful!

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