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Games: Mega-Stream to Gamescom: Trymacs, Gronkh and Papaplatte are planning a highlight event

Games: Mega-Stream to Gamescom: Trymacs, Gronkh and Papaplatte are planning a highlight event

In the DACH region, the three influencers Trymacs, Gronkh and Papaplatte are real crowd shooters. They are planning a common cause for Gamescom.

Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg – You are one of the superstars of Games-Szene and its channels are in the top 5 on the Twitch live streaming platform.

Trymacs, Gronkh, and Papaplatte (from left) are among the top German-speaking streamers with over 5 million followers on Twitch. © 1UP Management / Julian Guttzeit / Mind & Magic

At least if you look at the number of simultaneous viewers on average.

Trymacs and Papaplatte set the current German audience record in January 2021: more than 365,000 viewers were there live at the same time.

The third big name is probably the best known gamer name in the country through generations – Gronkh is probably the most important game pioneer in Germany. His videos have been viewed more than 3.7 billion times to date.

If you add the number of followers of the three influencers, the value, only on Twitch, is much higher than 5 million.

These three crowd attractors will be the driving force behind the Gamescom partner project “Spielesause” at this year’s gamescom on August 26-29.

You and your specially invited guests will broadcast live from the game fair, from a 4,000-square-meter studio.

The goal is to bring the pandemic-induced sense of fair slowdown to living rooms and children’s homes.

You want to draw big guns. With setups ranging from the ultra-modern TV kitchen to the sports field and an entire esports field, from live concerts to game shows, from game rounds to pencil and paper, something should be offered for everyone.

“Through the mixing of parallel streams in the channels of our artists and joint shows, we created the sensation of walking through the colorful exhibition halls of gamescom,” promises the coordinator of the project of the “Spielesause”, John-Dustin Martin .

The project is a fusion of “1UP Management”, “new-base” and “Trymacs’ Management”. The events will be displayed on the fair’s content portal “gamescom now”.

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