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Gaming and eSports Community Trier eV - Where gamers meet - 5VIER

Gaming and eSports Community Trier eV – Where gamers meet – 5VIER

Trier. The Trier eV esports and gaming community is a young club that has set itself worthy goals in dealing with new media. It also builds a community where you can meet like-minded people and exchange ideas.

The 11 founding members of GECO eV

Games in Trier, but where to? – To the “E-Sports and Gaming Community Trier eV”

Video games as a basis for social contact, team building, physical activity and media education? That’s right, say the founding members of the Gaming and eSports Community Trier eV (GECO eV for short). About a year ago, various gaming and esports players from the region came together to achieve great things together. The goal: to build a nationwide community to meet like-minded people and enable live public gaming events on the site.

Video games are part of our culture

The game is often met with a lack of understanding. The panorama emerges that young people no longer appear in front of the screen or only live online. Video games have reached the middle of society. They are even mentioned by the German Cultural Council along with theater, film and music. Because experiencing a good game interactively allows you to experience the art, story or fantasy in a new way. There’s also the sporting aspect: Many esports teams have routine training plans before starting on the virtual field. The gaming and esports community Trier eV has firmly written itself in the statutes: We make this clear!

Players watch a Hill Top Zone match at the monthly meeting
Players watch a Hill Top Zone match at the monthly meeting

Different facets and areas of work from the gaming and e-sports community Trier eV

The various actors have done a lot of work so far. The Empire eSports Trier university team organizes teams and participates in various competitions. The Esports eXperience West organization and esports commentator Michael “Ryorg” Brück are planning full tournaments that are based on the structures of physical sports tournaments. The initiative “Schweich Zockt!” organizes pedagogically prepared game events in cooperation with the youth office in the neighboring town. Stephan Stoffels aka “edelweisz” takes care of the visual preparation, Stefan Millen provides the facilities for the association in the ZWO65 Coworking Space.

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Meet the club!

On May 21, 2022, the club has its first main event: The Green Hill Zone Act 1. Players from all over Germany, Luxembourg and France gather to participate in the tournament together. Everything is transferred to Twitch channel of the gaming and eSports community Trier eV In addition, the association invites you to a public meeting at ZWO65 on the first Friday of every month. Everyone can meet the club there. To keep up to date with upcoming events and activities of the club, we recommend you take a look at theirs. place.

GECO eV members create content on Media Day.
GECO eV members create content on Media Day

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