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GeForce NOW will add 36 new games in July, "Qina: Bridge of Souls", etc.  will be added one after another

GeForce NOW will add 36 new games in July, “Qina: Bridge of Souls”, etc. will be added one after another

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Lego building trip》 Guide players to break the rules

Leading the expectations of the players of “Lego building trip“Released on Steam and the Epic Games Store not long ago, and it also joined GeForce NOW to stream on PC, macOS, and Chrome browser versions.

To successfully break the level, you need to know when to follow the instructions and when to break the rules. “Lego building trip》 Let players experience free-form puzzle solving and immerse yourself in the awesome world of building blocks. This game is also compatible with the RTX function, so Premium Platinum members can play “Lego building trip》, You can enjoy the exquisite ray tracing graphics technology. In addition to the benefits of ray tracing mirroring and DLSS, Premium Platinum members can also access the cloud game server and extend the game time, for a longer gaming experience.

In the “Ghost abyss》 Search for holy relics

Ghost abyss》 The first trial version is available on Steam and can also be streamed on GeForce NOW. Navigate the temple and retrieve the sacred relics hidden in the mortal hall. Avoid hidden traps, jump over dangerous abysses and escape the cruel and ruthless guards of the temple. There is only one chance to explore the temple at a time, but the adventurers you tried a step earlier will also turn into ghosts and join your adventure journey. You can check their routes to gain experience and help you complete the task.

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China: Bridge of Souls“Coming soon

China: Bridge of Souls“It will launch on the Epic Games Store on August 24 and will also launch simultaneously on GeForce NOW. Action adventure game.”China: Bridge of Souls“Story-oriented, combined with adventure and fast-paced combat, the player will play a young soul guide, Chiner, and go to the abandoned village to find the holy light. Filled with trappedWandering soulAnd in the dense forest, discover the forgotten secrets buried in the community. During the journey, players will encounter a group of cowardly and charming soulmates called “Rot” to help the player advance.

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Many amazing games and content keep getting updated.

GeForce NOW welcomes members to the first Metaverse: by “Double universe》 A virtual world controlled, common and shared by the players. This is a list shared by all the players.A world, The choice is in your hands. Players build, mine and create almost everything in an editable universe, they control the global economy and can choose safe zones and peaceful trade, and they can also fight in real time in a unique PvP mode.

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More games added to GeForce NOW:

  • The withdrawal of the spectrum》 (Epic Games Store is open for free to play)

  • Eternal reincarnation: black survivor(Eternal Return: Black Survival) “(Steam opens early trial version)

  • 《Castle Flipper》 (Steam)

  • “Rolling Earth Goes Square!? Digital Cube Earth Defense Force” (Steam)

  • 《Fishing: Barents Sea》 (Steam)

  • 《Not tonight》 (Steam)

  • 《Opus Magnum》 (Steam)

  • 《Shipyards》 (Steam)

  • Soulwalker(SoulWorker)》 (Steam)

  • 《Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom》 (Steam)

  • Ziggurat 2》 (Steam)

In addition to the previous games, more games will be added to GeForce NOW. For a detailed list, see GFN’s weekly report.

GeForce NOW Alliance Taiwan Mobile Upgrade Platinum Member Limited Free Coupon Code

In addition to flashy new games, the GeForce NOW Taiwan Mobile alliance has also launched many benefits for basic plan members. From now until July 31, GeForce NOW is offering Basic plan members a limited time limited discount coupon code to upgrade to Premium Platinum monthly plan subscription, only 99 yuan for the first 30 days! Quantity is limited, while supplies last, come get the coupon code!

GeForce NOW Platinum members have the opportunity to receive a limited edition “Wayfarer’s Shadow》 Steam game serial number

Wayfarer’s Shadow“It’s a hack and slash game from a first person perspective.Sparkling fireThe action of killing even the dark giant sci-fi building, climbing the last fortress of humanity after the end of the world catastrophe, the “Tower of Dharma”, from the bottom up, fighting against the cruel key master. and revenge.

From now until July 31, new members and existing members of the Premium Platinum Plan, as long as they log into their platinum member account on the event website and participate in the event registration information, they will have the opportunity to get 100 sets of “Wayfarer’s Shadow》 Steam game serial number.

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