When it comes to gaming, speed, stamina, and focus count, often for many hours. Drinks that support these factors have long been a part of many players’ setups and offer advantages over classic energy drinks. with GO NOWthe latest innovation of ONLY PLAYERS, The gaming drink revolution is in the starting blocks: ready to drink for the first time, ready to GO for the first time.

The soft drink in the practical 500 ml can from gamers for gamers convinces with a unique performance formula: zero sugar and zero calories. Caffeine, valuable plant extracts and vitamins provide an energy boost and at the same time promote better concentration. Revolutionary carbonic acid soda comes in two fruity flavors: Red Revolution inspires with the intense flavor of sweet and fruity cherries and blueberries. Citrus Craze scores points with the refreshing and tangy combination of citrus and prickly pear.

The vitamin-rich superfruit baobab (African baobab tree) provides sufficient vitamin B and C, calcium, magnesium and potassium and promotes iron absorption. Combined with ginseng or ginkgo herbal extracts, GO NOW Performance Drinks are true energy boosters. The innovative RTDs were developed by nutrition experts and tailored to the performance demands and needs of athletes and esports players. GO NOW in the vegan varieties Red Revolution and Citrus Craze convince as an innovation with a refreshing taste.

After performance drinks, shakes and vitamin mix drinks, the new RTD is the first ready-to-drink soft drink for gamers. All GAMERS ONLY products are made in Germany. The innovative soft drink in the can will be exclusively available at retailers from February 2022 for an RRP of €1.99 plus deposit. more about that gamersonly.com.