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Google brings new feature: Android users had to wait a long time

Back in the spring, there were repeated reports that Google was giving Android users a handy feature. In the future, it will be possible to free up storage space on your smartphone more easily by simply archiving apps. but how does it work?

More storage space on the smartphone: Google plans it

Even if smartphones bring a lot of storage space from home these days, it will eventually run out. Or all the content on your phone makes it slow. Google wants to make it easier to free up memory in the future. This should work with the help of an archive to which you can move applications that you do not use in everyday life. A similar function is already known from Apple iPhones, where you can “outsource” applications.

Above all, this has a special feature: your data is not lost in the process. As opposed to uninstalling the app from your smartphone. At least the most important data should be kept on file; The function deletes 60 percent of the data used up to that point.

So far, Google has only announced the feature. However, it now seems to be in the middle of the testing phase. Because a video on Twitter shows how the archive feature on Android looks and works. Therefore, it is not unlikely that it will be implemented this year.

Here’s How to Archive Apps Soon on Android

According to the video, the archive feature can only be used through the Google Play Store. In other words, the option is not available directly on the home screen, like uninstall.

So once you’re in the Play Store, click on your own profile picture and navigate to “Manage apps and devices” and then the “Manage” menu item. In this area you can see all the applications that are installed on your Android phone. You can click on all those applications that you want to archive. Once you’ve made a selection, tap “archive” and certain parts of the app will be removed from your smartphone.

Even if an app is archived, you’ll still see it in your app drawer and an additional cloud icon. If you want to use the app completely again, tap on this cloud symbol and the cell phone will download all the necessary data again. The settings are then restored to the way you configured them.