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Google stellt erneut einen seiner Dienste ein.

Google suspends practical service for drivers

Google has been shutting down more and more of its services lately. it only happened recently stagesCloud gaming Google service. Now the next service is about to end, after the service only went online last year.

Google Assistant driving mode will be turned off

It is the service that is right before your to close represents the assist driving mode. Originally, the service was supposed toandroid automatic for smartphone”, but apparently failed to do so. Driving mode is tied to Assistant and was first introduced with Android 12. Since then, the service has been an integral part of the operating system. Driving assistant mode has a task quite simple: it should present a simplified interface that allows drivers to quickly access important functions.

This includes the navigationthat for many motorist is possibly the most important part of the service. You can also make calls and operate the radio through the service. Additionally, all functions can also be controlled via voice commands, keeping your hands free while driving.

it will soon be over

However, the assistive driving mode will now be disabled from November 21. For motorist Does that mean they are in future you have to reorient. As a Google alternative, Google Maps is particularly suitable. Similar to the assistant driving mode, the app has a simplified mode that allows you to use it while driving. Android Auto can also continue to be used, as long as the vehicle is compatible with the service.

Why exactly Google that? Service, is not known. However, it can be assumed that the service it just isn’t used enough to live up to Google’s claims. At the moment, the company appears to be generally selective about which apps and services are worthwhile and which aren’t. Recently, this selection also met Stadia, the cloud gaming service by Google and the IoT cloud that ends in August 2023.