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Superman and Nerd: Henry Cavill Still Working on His Gaming PC

Henry Cavill talks about his gaming PC, shows a lot of experience

Henry Cavill is known for his roles as Superman and The Witcher, but the actor also has a hobby that many celebrities may pursue, just not as consistently as Cavill. Because he is a fanatical gamer and he likes to play on PC.

It has long been documented that the 39-year-old actor from Jersey, UK, not only loves to play games, but also plays around with his gaming PC. And this is not a PR campaign in cooperation with any manufacturer, Cavill is serious. For example, last summer he documented how he felt after a heat wave replaced the fans in your pc Has.

This is also of interest to digital trends and the site used an interview with the actor to find out how Cavill’s computer is doing and what specs it currently has. Cavill let his counterpart know what the pundits also know: a gaming PC is never really finished.

PC specs are always changing

Similarly, when asked what his PC’s specs were, Cavill replied, “Oh my gosh. My specs? Well, first of all, they’re all going to change soon because I’m going to buy a new motherboard.”

What that is, he still isn’t quite sure: “I think for now I’ll probably stick with the AMD chip, but we’ll see. I’m also waiting for the AMD cards to come out to see how they work.” compare to the Nvidia RTX 4090. So time will tell how the specs compare.” However, he said of course it’s already a top-notch PC and will continue to be.

But with different specifications, since these will change. Like many other PC gamers, Cavill said, “While I was a little disappointed to learn that on top of everything else I’ll have to buy a new motherboard, it will be fun to take apart and put back together.”

At the end, he also talks about his recent installation of a new 1600-watt power supply and how the procedure was more complicated than he thought: “It turned out that I had to disconnect every cable and every connection because I had thicker than I also needed better cables, so it was pretty fidgety. But it was a good prelude to the upcoming complete teardown and rebuild of my machine.”

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