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Here are the best games and apps that have won the 2021 Apple Design Awards

Here are the best games and apps that have won the 2021 Apple Design Awards

Federica Papagni

Like every year, Apple has remained Apple Design Awards, the event in which the 12 applications and games that have stood out for their excellence are awarded, created by experts from the sector from all over the world.

When commenting on the event, we report below the words of Susan prescott, Apple Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations:

“The apps and games that won this year’s Apple Design Awards have redefined what to expect from an exceptional experience, and we congratulate the development teams on their well-deserved victory. The work of these teams embodies the essential role that apps and games play in all of our daily lives, and they are perfect examples of our new six award categories. “

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The prizes are divided by six categories and recognize development teams for talent in innovation, visuals, interaction, fun, inclusion, and social impact. Let’s see the winning apps for each category below.


These applications offer an exceptional user experience to all people, regardless of the language they speak and their backgrounds and abilities.

  • Voice Dream Reader, Developed by Voice Dream LLC (€ 21.99): Text-to-speech application that reads text from any digital source aloud, be it a PDF, web page or e-book, in more than twenty languages. Its adaptive functions and highly customizable settings allow each user to choose a voice with the optimal pitch, timbre, accent and speed;
  • HoloVista, Developed by Aconite (€ 5.49): HoloVista supports a wide range of accessibility features, including options for motor control, text size and contrast, audio, and the intensity of visual effects. Thanks to ad hoc interactions and careful considerations, the gaming experience can be lived and perceived in a number of ways.


The apps and games that have triumphed in this category offer memorable, engaging, and satisfying experiences powered by Apple technologies.

  • Pok Pok game room, developed by Pok Pok (Free): “Pok Pok Playroom” is a fun application with attractive animations that captivates the user with its thoughtful design and fascinating interactions. Thanks to the delicate vibrations and the perfect sound effects, the app brings endless hours of fun to boys and girls of all ages, while rewarding creativity and experimentation;
  • Little orpheus, Developed by The Chinese Room (Available on Apple Arcade): We are talking about a pleasant platformer that offers easy controls, excellent storytelling, and a console-style experience in a simple and immediate game. Through the great variety of its levels, it presents an ingenious surprise in every corner, maintaining a light style thanks to the comedy of the dialogues.


Winners in this category offer intuitive interfaces and simple controls for the platform on which they are used.

  • Carrot Weather, Developed by Brian Mueller, Grailr LLC (Free): CARROT Weather is known for its humorous weather forecasts and original images. A recent design update added simplicity and elegance to the versions for Apple platforms. With nifty weather projections, a robust set of customizable widgets, and a collection of helpful watch faces, the app offers endless entertainment;
  • Single bird, developed by George Batchelor (€ 3.49): The exploratory interactions of “Bird Alone” are a mixture of gestures, haptic feedback, parallax and dynamic sound effects that enrich its world. The game comes to life with an ingenious integration of notifications, graphics and music that change based on the actual weather, season and time.

Social impact

The apps and games in this category are designed to significantly improve the user’s life and shed light on crucial issues.

  • Be my eyes, developed by S / I Be My Eyes (Free): Be My Eyes allows blind and visually impaired people to identify objects by combining them with volunteers from around the world using their device’s camera. The application is compatible with more than 300,000 blind and visually impaired users and has more than 4.5 million volunteers in more than 150 countries who speak more than 180 languages;
  • Sunrise, developed by ustwo games (Available on Apple Arcade): The story revolves around a nature reserve threatened by the city who wants to build a hotel there: Alba saves the wildlife, repairs the bridge in the reserve and cleans it of debris. This game demonstrates the positivity of respecting the environment, while telling a story of family, community, activism, and kindness. For each game download, a tree is planted to support a reforestation project in Madagascar.

Pictures and graphics

The applications and games in this category, on the other hand, stand out for their sensational images, their neat user interface and their high-quality service animations.

  • Loóna, developed by Loóna Inc (Free): Loóna offers animated sleep accompaniment sessions that combine relaxing activities, storytelling, and ambient sounds. All aspects of the interface (type, color, animation and 3D content) have been precisely developed to create a relaxing experience (it does not support the Italian language);
  • Genshin Impact, developed by miHoYo Limited (Free): the Japanese-style Action RPG that with its graphics transcends the visual boundaries of mobile games. Motion blur, shadow quality, and frame rate can be set on the fly as the user annihilates monsters of all kinds.


The best apps and games that have stood out in this category offer users a first-rate experience through innovative use of Apple technologies.

  • Naad sadhana, developed by Sandeep Ranade (Free): NaadSadhana is a complete and professional quality music application that helps artists of all genres and levels to reproduce and publish their music without limits or borders. After the first version designed to practice the singing of the classics of Indian music, NaadSadhana has been expanded and now supports seven different musical genres;
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift, Developed by Riot Games (Free): The title brings the gaming experience of the complex PC version to the mobile device. The Riot Games team has redesigned this game from the ground up, allowing the user to fully immerse themselves in the universe of League of Legends using touch controls created specifically for mobile devices, an automatic orientation system to help beginners get started, unique camera settings for mobile devices and much more.

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