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How to Download 4K Video from 1000+ Sites For Free

Watching high-definition videos on average internet speed can be a nuisance, especially when you just want to watch a tutorial to get something done on a time crunch or simply watch an entertaining video on a bad day. Digiarty Software Inc., a leading multimedia software development company that offers multimedia services to over 180 million users globally, has just the solution for you in WinX Video Converter that comprises a 4K video downloader.

Robust and dynamic in its endeavor but simple and flexible in its use, WinX Video Converter enables conversion, resizing, cutting, and downloading HD or 4K videos, making it a proficient all-in-one video converter. The software is free and available on the internet for users to download. With a user-friendly interface, it puts a beginner at ease to utilize its service even if they have minimal information about video conversion or download.

It allows video conversion to a wide range of multimedia formats, including but not limited to MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, AV1 iPhone, and Android, without the use of any third-party plugin. The extensive functionality of the WinX Video Converter covers over 400 input and output formats. By enabling a High-Quality Engine for output, you can achieve an enhanced image quality or video resolution.

With GPU acceleration, the software has an edge in video processing speed and lossless file size compression of up to 90% that significantly cuts down on memory space, upload, and buffer time. Extra care is taken for quality as all of your desired content, audio, or video is downloaded as in the source without any visual or auditory quality loss.

Suppose you want to prepare a slideshow of photos from an important occasion in your life with some nice music to go with it in less time. In that case, the WinX video converter supports your need with just a drag-and-drop of your photos and music while also making it easy for you to share it with your friends on social media or by e-mail.  

WinX Video Converter offers the features of a simple video-editing tool such as cropping black bars or unneeded regions of the frame, cutting parts of the video, merging different clips, and adding subtitles to videos to produce creative video content of your own. It also presents users with the option to either hardcode the subtitles into the videos or use external SRT files for soft subtitles as per their requirements.

WinX video converter spans widely and encompasses the ability to download digital content from over 1000 websites on the internet contained in their registry, thereby fortifying its foothold as a convenient and reliable video downloading tool. The steps to download a video from a website known to the software are fairly simple, and the only prerequisite is to have the free video converter/downloader for Windows/Mac installed on your computer. Follow the below steps to download a video or audio from an online URL or website.

  1. Launch the installed WinX Video Converter software from your desktop or Start menu.
  2. In the WinX Video Converter window, click on the URL button second from the left on the top of the window. A popup appears on the screen with a field for Video URL.
  3. Copy the URL of the source and paste it into the Video URL field.
  4. Click on the Analyze button. A list of options for resolution appears in the list box with the default option selected.
  5. Select an option of your choice by clicking on it if you do not want the default option.
  6. Click on the OK button. The popup will disappear, and your selected option appears in the WinX Video Converter window.
  7. Click on the Browse option if you want to change the location of the output file.
  8. Click on the RUN button to begin downloading your file. Now, wait for the download to finish.
  9. Once the download has finished, the video file appears in the output location.

The video file has been downloaded successfully and is ready to be launched. Enjoy your content offline!