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Riot Games

mobile games worth more than $ 100 million

Riot Games It is mainly known for League of Legends, MOBA game for PC that has broken many records over the years. Between eSports, events and in-game purchases, the development house has had stellar profits. That is pretty much what is happening with your mobile games.

The American company had set a goal of reaching at least $ 100 million and the goal was exceeded. Giving the news was the document of Sensor tower released online and, as you can see in the latter, the game that gave the most satisfaction to Riot Games It was League of Legends: Wild Rift.

This is the mobile version of its main PC game, mentioned above, and reached 60% of total revenues with its 65 million dollars. Obviously, there is not only the MOBA counterpart in a computer, because it is accompanied by it. Teamfight Tactics with 26 million and we finally arrived with Legends of Runeterra with its 16 million accomplished.

Riot Games has made revenue not only for Android, but also for iOS

The income is yes in the mobile, but it is divided between Android and iOS: 59.4% of the first and 40.6% of the second. Regarding the origin of the income, many users were quite surprised to learn that they were the players of the United States to be the main users of in-game purchases.

Your percentage is about 26% and immediately after are the players of the South Korea with a whopping 22%. Third we find Brazil with 6.5%. It will be a long time before we know the percentage of Chinese players, where they have recently received access to League of Legends. Wild Rift.

Not just revenue in monetary terms, because Sensor Tower has also estimated the percentages related to downloads. Brazil ranks first with 10% of the facilitiesSouth Korea remains in second place with 9.6% and the United States in third place with 8.3%.