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How to download the green pass even without a text message code

How to download the green pass even without a text message code

You can download the Green Pass in different ways, but there are still many doubts from those who want to obtain the Covid-19 green certification. Let’s try to understand who is eligible, what to do if you do not receive the code sent by email or text message from the Ministry of Health, how long the document is valid, what is the dedicated site and how to download it. even without relying on digital channels.

By now you will have understood: Green pass, which you may have also heard called EU Digital Covid Certificate OR Covid-19 green certification, it will basically be the pass that will allow you to travel in Italy and Europe during the summer, but not only. On the afternoon of Thursday, July 22, the Council of Ministers approved the new decree that from August 6 will make the Green Pass mandatory to sit bars and restaurants inside, but also to attend movie theater, gyms, pool, stages me amusement parks. As a result, more and more people are wondering how to get the green pass and how to solve any problem upon receipt or download it.

First of all, based on the frequently asked questions posted on the dedicated portal, let’s try to understand who is entitled to receive the Covid-19 ecological certification. To achieve this, you simply must meet one of these conditions:

  • If you have done the single dose vaccine or have you received the first dose for at least 15 days
  • It hai finished the vaccination cycle and therefore also received the second dose (if necessary)
  • If you did a molecular or rapid swab in the last 48 hours and you are result negative
  • If you can show that you are recovered from Covid-19 in the previous 6 months

In these cases, it arises in the form automatic me free a green pass containing a QR code that allows those who will review you verify that the document is authentic and valid.

How to get it

Once you meet one of the conditions that I have listed for you, the The green pass is generated automatically and, after receiving the email or text message indicating their availability, You can download it in different ways, mainly through digital channels.

Among the most convenient solutions is the one that allows you to download it through the applications installed on your smartphone. For example, if you have theapp Immune just enter the number and expiration date of your health card andAUTHENTICATION CODE, wave code that you will have received by email or message. If you have already downloaded theIO application, you will be able to log in with your digital identity (SPID / CIE) and see the green certification starting directly from the received message.

Alternatively, you may decide to visit the dedicated site to the EU digital Covid certificate ( and proceed in 2 different ways. You can always log in with your SPID / CIE digital identity or enter, also in this case, your health card number and AUTHCODE: at this point, you will be directed to a new page where you can download the green pass through the “download certification” or “download QR code” buttons, an option that will allow you to view and save only the code that will contain the document information. Another digital channel available to download the certificate, then, is that of electronic medical record which you can access from your region’s website.

If you do not have the digital tools that I mentioned, you can always obtain the Covid-19 green certification by accessing directly to the pharmacist, from your general practitioner or from pediatrician, remembering only bring your tax code and health card with you.


After downloading the green pass, you will probably wonder how long is it valid. The time Your green certification depends primarily on how you got it:

  • If you have received the before the two doses of the vaccine, the green pass will be generated from day 15 after administration and it will be valid until the second dose
  • If you have done the second dose of vaccine, or a single dose because you have contracted Covid-19 in the past, the Green Covid-19 certification will be available within 2 days and it will be valid for 270 days (approximately 9 months) from the date of administration
  • If you have been injected with single dose vaccineyou can download the green pass instead from day 15 after administration and also in this case the validity of the document will be 270 days
  • If you ran a negative swab, the Green Pass will be generated in a few hours and will have a valid for only 48 hours from the moment of collection
  • In case of cicatrization from Covid-19, you will be able to get green certification within the next day from the presentation of the certificate and will last 180 days (6 months)

How to download the Green Pass without the AUTHCODE code

It may happen that, respecting the required conditions, you do not receive the message or email It contains the AUTHCODE code that, as we have seen, is necessary in several cases to download the Green pass. To get the code back, even if you have lost it, you can call public service number 1500, but remember that if you are in possession of the SPID / CIE digital identity, you will not need the AUTHCODE as you only need to login via the IO application or the dedicated website the way you I have done. described to you in.

If after reading these answers you still have doubts on how to get the green pass, you can visit the section with the most frequently asked questions on the portal dedicated to green certification.

Source | Ministry of Health

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