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The new Google Doodle is a beautiful retro olympic game

The new Google Doodle is a beautiful retro olympic game

Did Google just upload their best Doodle of all time? It is up to you to be the judge, but if you like Japanese animation and cats participating in sports competitions, you may fall in love with it!

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So from Friday morning as soon as I visit a search engine page, you will be greeted by a game called Doodle Champion Island Games, which not only celebrates the start of the Tokyo Olympics, but also all of Japanese culture.

Surprisingly complete, especially for a Doodle, the adventure will have you play as Lucky, a ninja cat who lands on an island where, surprise, a sports competition is taking place. From the beginning of the game, you must join one of the four teams for which your points will be counted (and those of the rest of the participants in the world).

Like in a retro JRPG, you’ll have to scour the four corners of the map in search of seven sporting events, such as rock climbing, ping-pong, and skateboarding, which are actually lovely minigames that can be played on the go using your keyboard.

The set, interspersed with animated footage from the renowned Studio 4 ° C team, is absolutely delightful and full of little details and secrets to uncover left and right. In short, the perfect mix to lose a few hours.

From what we understand from Google, the Doodle will be available in the next few weeks. So obviously you can take your time exploring the island and recording the best possible scores. In addition, your progress will be maintained, even if you close your browser window or change pages.

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One more reason to get lost there for a while!