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How To Ensure Online Table Games Are Not Rigged


One of the main questions that worries all casino visitors is whether table games are rigged. It is essential for you to consider the fact that casino losses happen, even if you all have chosen a winning strategy for yourself – no one has canceled the random factor. So don’t call a game a scam just because you can’t collect your payout.

Today we will talk about understanding that board games are not rigged. We will also consider some features of the operation of modern slot machines that exclude the possibility of fraud.

Licensed Casinos 

The easiest way to avoid scammers is only to play table games on trusted sites like SlotsLV. The main feature of such online casinos is the presence of a license. The regulator provides comprehensive control over the operation of the gambling site.

A license on the casino site immediately refutes the fact that you may encounter fraud in table games. Licensed online casinos host only software from trusted providers and do not interfere in any way with the operation of slot machines.

An online casino license can be obtained in several jurisdictions. Most often, this is done by gambling commissions in Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao, etc.

The good news for gamblers is that, according to statistics, dubious online casinos are now in the minority; they have a minimal impact on the gambling market. Most gambling sites comply with all rules and laws, so playing in such casinos is safe.

Legitimate Casinos Don’t Need to Scam Table Games

For most casinos, it just doesn’t make sense to scam gambling. They are already making money from board games, no matter the situation. It’s about return percentage, RTP, and house edge in table games.

The casino takes a certain percentage of its income from each bet made in slots. In table games, the house advantage will depend on your skill level and the chosen game strategy.


House edge guarantees the casino will be profitable eventually. If a player makes mistakes while at the gaming table, the potential profit of the casino increases even more.

Do not equate the house’s advantage with the falsification of games. Always remember that gambling is created to earn money for the casino and not for the players.

Games Use RNG

One of the main characteristics of private online casino games is using a random number generator. This system ensures randomness with each new draw. RNG allows you to create a fair gaming experience for online casino customers.

Another reason to use RNG in an online casino is to fight fraud and prevent illegal winnings. Each player gets the same chance of winning. His attempts to gain an unfair advantage in such a game will fail to be successful.

Independent auditors periodically check the operation of the RNG mechanism. The purpose of such checks is to ensure maximum fairness in gambling.

Casinos With Cheated Games Are Closing Quickly 

When a casino falsifies the results of its blackjack, poker, and baccarat games, it loses its customers very quickly. Most players, especially professional players in this area, will soon find that losses occur under very suspicious circumstances.

Reputation is significant for any online casino. In the digital age, cheating online is extremely difficult to hide. Affected players will very quickly complain to the authorized bodies and leave negative reviews about the site in various forums.

The casino risks everything when it decides to start a fraudulent activity. The administration of such sites understands most players are not absolute fools who overlook apparent facts.

The Casino Does Not Create Its Own Table Games 

Counterfeiting of table games is also unlikely because third-party providers predominantly develop games. Developers adapt games for mobile phones, implement RNG, independently film in studios for live games, etc. The casino does not interfere in the development process in any way. It simply purchases software and places it on its website.

Game developers are companies with many years of experience and a positive reputation. They don’t want to lose their business because they screw up the draw results.

Counterfeiting games is entirely possible. We will not rule it out. Such a practice was indeed common many years ago. But now, most companies have embarked on honest business – a positive reputation and quality products bring much more income than fraudulent activities.

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