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How to filter offensive comments on Instagram in six steps

How to filter offensive comments on Instagram in six steps

Instagram offers various filters to avoid negative or offensive comments in messages, publications and even stories (Photo: Pixabay)

For many, the time to use social networks is a time of rest to see all the content that may be interesting, eye-catching or entertaining, but, unfortunately, on several occasions the experience may not be so pleasant.

The negative comments and environments They are a real problem experienced by all social networks today and to which a definitive solution has not yet been found. Several of these networks are experimenting and investigating measures to curb problems such as harassment and abuse on platforms, but until then something must be done to avoid it.

In the case of Instagram, there is a special option that allows filter out all that negative content and comments that you don’t want them to be part of your experience on the social network. It is a specific filter for negative words and to activate it, simply follow the steps below:

1. And a you profile

2. Touch the three horizontal lines from the upper right corner

3. Accede to setting

Four. Choose Privacy

5. Tap on “Comments” and go down to Filters

6. Tap the bar to the right of Hide offensive comments if it is in gray

If you follow the previous steps, the offensive comments filter will be active, which will not only hide comments written in publications that may be considered abusive or harmful, it will also hide those same type of comments in stories, reels and live videos in which you get to participate.

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This filter is automatic, therefore the words it will consider offensive are terms that the platform has already recognized and that you will actively seek to avoid them. However, if you don’t think it’s enough and you keep seeing negative comments, the option to “Hide more comments” which, as the name implies, will make the filter more powerful and remove even more of this unwanted content.

Likewise, for those who prefer to have a more exact control of the comments they do not want to see, there is the option of Manual filter. This function can be activated from the same segment as the other options and once activated only you have to write the words or phrases that must be hidden, separated by commas.

All these options are dedicated to making the experience within the social network more pleasant and bearable. Although it is important to clarify that the filters only work with public content, that is, comments within chats will not be filtered of Instagram direct messages.

There is an additional measure for those people who can find unwanted messages in their direct message box and it is about deactivating the option to receive messages from people who are not being followed. To activate it, simply follow the following steps:

1. Accede to setting

2. Go to Privacy

3. Choose Messages

Four. Go down to the segment “Others” and tap on Other people on Instagram

5. Tap on “Do not receive requests”

After completing the steps, only those network users you follow or follow each other They will be able to send you message requests, which can help a lot to control the type of comments that you can receive in your tray within the application.

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All these are optional measures with the aim of having greater control over content that may become harmful to users and on several occasions they can become a definitive factor when deciding whether to continue using the application or not. So for now they will remain a great tool until platforms find more effective means of ensuring an enjoyable environment for everyone.