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How to Virtually Test Beauty Products on Google Shopping

How to Virtually Test Beauty Products on Google Shopping

Google search New online shopping feature Buying cosmetology products online is not gambling. Thanks to the magic of a little augmented reality and the selfie camera on your smartphone, you can now effectively “try on” Google Shopping cosmet products using a professional model or with your own face as needed. ..

At launch, only some products from Black Opal, Charlotte Tilbury, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal and MAC Cosmetics are supported, but Google says it will be included sooner. The company also hopes that the new virtual fitting feature will inspire more brands and expand the range of products users can preview in the app.

To preview your model’s makeup, search Google Shopping for products from one of the supported brands. Android users can search using the Google search bar on their device, but iOS users must search using the Google app.

If your product supports Google’s virtual try-on feature, it’s at the top of the Google Shopping page[概要]A new tab appears in the tab. This tool comes with a variety of skin color and gender models, so it’s not difficult to match a particular skin color. Tap the face at the top of the window to switch to the photo. If the product colors are different, you can also slide the colors from the menu at the bottom.

To “test” your makeup in AR “Try on” Click the button below the model photo to enable your phone’s camera. You can quickly experiment with different color options using the menu at the bottom. The app uses the technology of AR beauty companies ModiFace and Perfect Corp to “apply” makeup to the face in real time. It’s similar to using SnapChat or Instagram filters, but without the additional effects or distorted facial structure that these apps normally apply.

Google says these new tools aren’t intended for advertising, and companies don’t have to pay Google to “try on” their products. However, Google will continue to track your search history so you can serve more relevant ads. Delete that data from your Google account..

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