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ছবি: ফেইসবুক

However, Facebook cloud games made their way to Apple devices.

The controversy between Apple and Facebook over the new rules has not stopped. Meanwhile, Facebook has taken its last step with cloud gaming services. Tech site Senate has commented that the fact that Facebook has doubled down on cloud gaming indicates the same.

Interested players will have the opportunity to play without downloading any games via mobile device or web browser using Facebook’s cloud gaming service.

Previously, Apple updated its own cloud gaming policy. Under the new policy, the company said, each game streaming in cloud games should be viewed as a separate app and submitted to the App Store for review. Facebook raised concerns about Apple’s rules.

The strategy that Facebook has brought to cloud gaming on Apple devices is not new. Previously, companies like Microsoft and Amazon also provided their cloud services to Apple users through web applications using the same strategy.

Like others, Facebook Gaming has also recognized the choice of alternative routes. “We have come to the same conclusion as everyone else: There is only one way to stream cloud games on iOS at the moment: the web application,” said Vivek Sharma, vice president of the department.

He added: “Many people say that Apple’s policy of ‘approving’ cloud games in the App Store does not allow anything at all.” He noted that Apple’s cloud gaming policy is creating “obstacles” for people to “find new games, play on different devices, and access high-quality games with the iOS app in hand.”

Facebook has also highlighted in a tweet how cloud games can be played on Apple devices. On its cloud gaming service, the company will offer games such as Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, Risk: Global Domination, and Lego Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. However, those who are interested can get many games depending on the location.

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Facebook has a worldwide cloud gaming web application. But Facebook’s cloud gaming service is currently only available in the United States and parts of Canada and Mexico. However, those who do not have the opportunity to play cloud games due to the location, can play HTML 5 games using the Facebook web application.