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Inspired by Star Trek: Hobbyist solves PC hardware monitor in a whole different way

Inspired by Star Trek: Hobbyist solves PC hardware monitor in a whole different way

The hardware monitor provides useful information about the system, and the modding community has long been presenting this data away from the “boring” desktop screen. Now a hobbyist has come up with a unique solution of star trek Get inspired.

A truly unique hardware monitor

It’s always fascinating to see the dedication with which hobbyists in the PC hardware field go into their projects and develop new and exciting solutions in the process. Regarding the hardware monitor, the hobbyist and modder, who is still relatively unknown on YouTube, has now mangy dog completed a very interesting project. Your latest custom PC comes with a visually stunning hardware monitor mounted on the side of the PC.

As always, it gets really exciting when the manufacturer describes what was necessary for his idea of ​​an idiosyncratic hardware monitor. The basis for this is a previous project that was also very exciting: Mangy Dog had assembled a visually functional tricorder from Star Trek: Voyager in a very long process. The components developed here were now used in his new project.

From the Tricorder project…
YouTube: Mangy Dog, PC Hardware Hobbyist…became the hardware monitor

very complex software

Besides the hardware, Mangy Dog also describes the software side as very complex. Consequently, he had not only developed the firmware for the monitor for months, but also the accompanying PC application. Since his solution relies on a rather unique flash memory layout, existing libraries had to be adapted as well. Last but not least, the inventor developed widgets that can receive information about the state of the system.

However, Mangy Dog only sees the beginning in the version that has now been released and would like to make decisive hardware and software improvements in a second version. In any case, this project in its current state is a good proof of the very high level that even amateurs demonstrate in the field of PC hardware.

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monitor, system, mod, hardware monitor, pc hardware
monitor, system, mod, hardware monitor, pc hardware
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