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Tuesday: US Cyber ​​Money Laundering Sanctions, Netflix Customers, Not Gamers

Tuesday: US Cyber ​​Money Laundering Sanctions, Netflix Customers, Not Gamers

According to the US Treasury Department, the cryptocurrency service Tornado Cash is said to have helped North Korean hackers launder money, among others. So-called mixing services, which combine and encrypt cryptocurrencies from thousands of addresses, i.e. “mixed” transactions, are increasingly being targeted by authorities. Meanwhile, streaming service Netflix’s entry into the gaming business is pretty slow. Only one percent of Netflix subscribers have tried the games so far – the most important reports in a nutshell.

According to the US government, only the Lazarus Group, a known, North Korean government-backed hacker groupat least $455 million laundered through cryptocurrency service Tornado Cash to have. The blending service is accused of aiding cybercriminals like the Lazarus Group by hiding transaction details and does not establish reasonable safeguards against money laundering. Now the authorities have had enough. On Monday, the United States imposed sanctions on cryptocurrency service Tornado Cash.

If Netflix is ​​about finding ways earn more money with your subscribersthat raising the prices of video services that already exist could do that the games offered by the streaming provider play an increasingly important role. the actual The supply of games will double by the end of the year. netflix has that acquired several independent game studios. Although the games have 1.7 million daily users, but 99 percent of Netflix subscribers have the Haven’t tried the streaming service’s games yet. It seems that Netflix customers are not gamers

In the spring and summer of 2022, virtually all cryptocurrencies crashed, leading to the Mining with graphics cards is significantly less attractive become. Computing power on the network remains at a high level, but is no longer increasing: Mining farms just don’t buy significant amounts of graphics cards anymore. that again led to significantly lower prices for graphics cards, which had previously been well above recommended retail prices for more than two years. Get it now the graphics card manufacturer Nvidia Feel. Disastrous numbers: Sales of Nvidia’s GeForce graphics cards collapse

people and goods at a speed of 1000 km/h in a large pneumatic tube travel between cities: plans for one Hyperloop connection between the Canadian cities of Calgary and Edmonton they begin to take shape. The Canadian company Transpod has “Fluxjet” the name of your means of transport Announced. should also First exploratory work with environmental impact studies have been included. Hyperloop at 1000 km/h: Fluxjet is supposed to buzz between Calgary and Edmonton

In August 2014 it is a Meteorite burns up in Earth’s atmosphere, which probably did not come from the solar system. A group of researchers is convinced that Impact location of the first observed interstellar object on the right manageable area in the Pacific have limited. Since they believe that the object must be magnetic, they assume that it is. within ten days on a systematic search with a special sled find and recover be able. Researchers want to recover remains of the first interstellar meteorite from the sea

Also important:

  • After years of waiting, Apple’s first headsets for virtual and augmented reality applications are expected to appear in early 2023. Apple’s first foray into the AR/VR world is said to cost more than $2,000. However, one analyst expects a respectable success. Apple’s first mixed reality headset is expected to sell millions


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