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iPhone 14 Pro with delivery problems: today's shipment for some postponed for weeks at short notice, especially Telekom |  News

iPhone 14 Pro with delivery problems: today’s shipment for some postponed for weeks at short notice, especially Telekom | News

A look at Apple’s delivery forecasts in the online store shows that the new generation of iPhone is a coveted and increasingly rare commodity. Depending on the version, now we have to wait until November consider, for example, in the Pro Max version. Things are looking a bit better with the Pro model, which will be available to customers in mid to late October, and Apple expects almost no delay with regular releases. As it stands, the situation with the Pro versions appears to have been misjudged. Meanwhile, there are increasing reports of far-reaching, very short-term delivery postponements that were actually planned for today.

Instead of today: mid-October
Some readers informed us that yesterday Apple corrected the delivery date significantly backwards: instead of September 16, it is now September 23 or even 30. In other cases there are even more pronounced problems, such as with the telecommunications. For example, within the editorial team, we have the case that despite the reservation and the note “Your reservation service has been taken into account. You automatically benefit from preferential delivery”. It is also an iPhone 14 Pro Max, ordered half an hour before the official start of sales at 2:00 p.m. on Friday last week.

Instead of a delivery message, an apology is sent.
Even today emails continue to arrive with the unexpected content of not being able to comply with September 16. Although most deliveries seem to arrive on time or as expected, the frequency of short-term postponements is very noticeable; In previous years we have never had so much feedback. Above all, it never happened that the additional waiting weeks were announced on the same day. Many deliveries were always delayed until Monday or Tuesday, but never up to four weeks on short notice.

To update
Even more than Apple itself, Telekom is showing that too many devices have been promised for immediate delivery.