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iPhone 14 tech drama: Apple suppliers caught cheating

iPhone 14 tech drama: Apple suppliers caught cheating

Apple it has wanted to reduce its reliance on Samsung for displays for years, but is now facing a major setback. The Chinese company BEO is said to have adapted the technology without consulting Apple, and the cooperation is on hold.

If you want to work with Apple, you shouldn’t secretly waste time

Last month, BEO proudly announced that it was producing 30 million OLED displays for Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 ProMax to take over. As Korean magazine The Elec reports, the American group has yet to give its final blessing to the order. The reason could certainly cause ongoing problems: BEO is said to have been “caught” adjusting the circuit width of the iPhone 13’s panels earlier this year, according to “people familiar with the matter.” “This was done without Apple’s approval, probably to increase performance,” he quoted the elect your sources

Consequently, BEO sent its top managers and other key personnel to Apple headquarters to answer questions about the unauthorized adjustment of the “circuit width of the transistors.” Based on the current state of knowledge, it might already be too late for this move, as Apple is currently considering simply not placing any orders for OLED panels after the incident. iPhone 14 series granted. During the visit to Cupertino, BEO tried to obtain a corresponding commitment, but did not receive a “clear answer” from Apple.

But again Samsung and LG

And so Apple seems doomed to order the 30 million OLED screens from its two biggest partners, Samsung and LG, if BOEs are removed. It is currently expected that samsung screen LG Display will produce the 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch panels for the iPhone 14 Pro models, while LG Display is said to deliver additional 6.7-inch panels for the top-of-the-line iPhone 14 Pro Max. It will be interesting to see how Apple resolves this supply chain dilemma.

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