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Is Android Auto moving to games? The discovery that bodes well

It would be amazing, but it seems that Android Auto also wants to give it to games. A discovery bodes well in this regard.

Android Auto would be ready to be delivered to the world of videogames (Adobe Stock)

Since some years Android Auto is a point of reference for what concerns infotainment systems. Between advanced navigation models, applications for music playback, real-time information, etc., the driving experience he’s been totally upset.

The Google Developers They continue to work with this in mind, to provide the most complete service possible and to provide the driver with the maximum possible performance and comfort. TO user on Reddit made a discovery that, if confirmed, would be incredible. There is a mysterious application called GearSnacks which, once started, hides a series of HTML5 minigames. Will there be room for games?

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Android Auto and games, a discovery made on Reddit

android car
There are even those who have already managed to launch the mysterious application and play directly from their car (screenshot)

Confirmations haven’t arrived yet, but it seems like Android Auto you also want to give it to games. TO user on Reddit in fact he has unearthed GearsSnacks among hidden apps, which contains many within it HTML5 minigame. XDA has carried out an APK teardown of one of the latest versions of the software, finding the mysterious application. It would look like a real gaming rig designed by Big G, containing approximately 600 usable titles immediately. Currently, the Android Auto library is limited to 8 games optimized.

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The application code says “Games can only be played with your touch screenSimply put, you need one. touch schermo to be able to play with him. But wouldn’t that be a distraction when driving? Google has thought about this too, by not allowing the app to start except with the vehicle parked. Official communications from the Mountain View giant have not yet arrived but, considering what was found in the APK and given that there are people who already manage to play, we can wait important news already in the coming weeks.