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Is Netflix moving to cloud gaming?

Is Netflix moving to cloud gaming?

Netflix is ​​currently investing heavily in Netflix Gaming and is constantly releasing new games for Android and iOS. These are free if you have a Netflix subscription. It’s kind of “value added,” but perhaps Netflix has much bigger plans after all.

Netflix could plan a cloud gaming service

Noisy Protocol There is a growing search for employees who have experience with cloud gaming. It would fit into Netflix’s business model, because you know how it works with series and movies, games are also entertainment.


You can also use the current portfolio to see what users like and then develop games specifically. It was done in a similar way with series, because Netflix originals were created based on purchased content.

Cloud gaming via an app on a TV is no longer a rarity, providers like Google or Microsoft already offer it. If it fit into Netflix, I might as well imagine it. However, this is very expensive and not easy to implement.

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