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Is roulette really a game of pure luck?

If you have ever visited a bustling casino floor, you will know that the roulette tables are often where the cheers of excitement are loudest. Roulette tables on bustling casino floors usually have a crowd around each table as gamblers make their choices and enjoy the exhilaration of the rotating wheel.

Whether you are a veteran gambler or have never played roulette, you may not know whether roulette is purely a game of chance or if it involves skill as well. Depending on the night, it may seem like the tricks and strategies you use are working, and on others it can feel as if Lady Luck controls the table.

How does roulette work?

There are two different kinds of roulette: American roulette and European roulette. There are other varieties and variations around the world, but these are the most popular versions. For the uninitiated, roulette involves a wheel with a series of pockets that are numbered and colored in either black or red.

In a game of European roulette, the wheel has 37 different pockets, which are numbered from 1 to 36, along with a green pocket that is number 0. When playing European roulette, you can choose to place a bet on a number, a color or on a section of the roulette wheel. After you have placed your bet, the croupier – the person who is in charge of managing the gaming table – rolls the ball or spins the wheel. Where the ball lands determines who wins the bet.

In American roulette, the rules are very similar, with just a few slight changes. Unlike European roulette, in American roulette there are two green 0 pockets, and as a result, the probability that the gambler will win is decreased by a percentage. Some gamblers prefer the higher stakes and increased excitement this gives the game.

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Online roulette

If you have never played roulette online, you may think that it is not possible to play on a digital platform. After all, a wheel is needed, as is a ball. However, there are actually hundreds of different online varieties of roulette that allow you to play different variations.

Some of the roulette games that are available at online casinos are digital versions of the game, while others can be played through livestreamed casinos. Live casinos allow gamblers to enjoy the feeling of being in a lively, vibrant casino, because the games are played by live dealers for online gamblers. This means that you can chat and engage with the dealer and enjoy the fun and physicality of the roulette while playing from the comfort of your couch – or during your commute.

Whether you are interested in trying to work out your own roulette strategy or just enjoy the exhilaration that comes with spinning the wheel, you will find that online roulette is just as much fun as playing roulette on a bustling casino floor. Regardless of whether you are playing roulette on a casino floor or online, you will find that the odds are the same and that luck is what truly dominates the game.

Are there any strategies?

There are a number of different strategies that gamblers have come up with. One strategy is to try to use the roulette odds to work in the gambler’s favor and the other is known as roulette betting progression.

Although roulette betting progression was favored for a while and viewed as a logic-based strategy, it has gained many detractors. It is not clear that it actually works, because no matter how many times the ball lands in the color pocket you want, it remains just as possible that it will land in the other color pocket throughout the game. The chances always remain the same, and as a result, it is not really a solid strategy to use.

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So, are there any tricks you can actually trust when it comes to roulette? According to the experts, the trick is to avoid extremes and understand that all numbers and colors have the same chance of being occupied by the ball.

The best strategy is to accept that roulette is actually a game of luck and to understand and respect it for what it is. Enjoy roulette and do not allow yourself to be distracted from the excitement of the game with endless attempts at strategizing. Instead, just have fun, select colors and numbers that you feel are lucky, and cheer as the wheel is spun!