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Jessi secretly owns a second cell phone.  What is all that about?

Jessi secretly owns a second cell phone. What is all that about?

Many fans should have already noticed that something is wrong with GZSZ newcomer Jessi. But what secret from her past does Jessi carry with her? Warning, spoilers follow!

Good Times Bad Times (GZSZ)

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Good Times Bad Times (GZSZ)

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It’s still hard to properly assess the new face at GZSZ: Nina’s sister Jessi is not well received by all the neighbors in the neighborhood and has already caused quite a stir. The vivacious young woman also turned her head at Tuner. But even though Jessi gets close to the young entrepreneur, she always backs down when things get serious between the two. We have already speculated if jessi is only after the tuners money it’s here. The assumption could be true, but for a completely different reason…

Suspicious action: What does Carlos want from Jessi?

Next week, a strange scene will take place in Kolle-Kiez: you can see it with one RTL+ premium account even now. After Tuner posted a photo of him and Jessi on social media, Jessi immediately asked him to delete the photo. She then secretly changes the SIM card in her cell phone and then opens her call list: 675 missed calls On the cell phone screen you can see her ex-husband Carlos. Jessis looks worried and quickly switches her little chip back.

What’s it all about? Apparently, her ex-husband is urgently trying to locate her. It is also suspicious that Tuner immediately deleted the joint photo with Jessi. Does Jessi not want Carlos to be able to continue her new life? She Is she even harassed, threatened or blackmailed by him and that’s why she obviously follows in Tuner’s footsteps?

Social networks play an important role in Kolle-Kiez. You can find out which stars also like to share content of their lives privately in the video:

It is clear that Jessi is probably carrying a big secret that has to do with her past or with Carlos. Now it’s time to stay tuned to find out what’s really behind Jessi’s sinister behavior… “Good and bad times” It can always be seen from Monday to Friday at 19:40 on RTL.

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