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José Pérez Guadalupe Vladimiro Montesinos: "There is a clear violation of the security of the Naval Base"

José Pérez Guadalupe Vladimiro Montesinos: “There is a clear violation of the security of the Naval Base”

The former Minister of the Interior Jose Luis Perez Guadalupe noted that “there has been a clear violation of security protocols” of the Maximum Security Detention Center (CEREC) of the Naval base, from where the former presidential adviser Vladimir Montesinos would have made irregular calls.

In dialogue with ‘Connection’ by RPPThe former official indicated that in the 30 years of existence of the prison, it has “had a strict control” that “has always worked well” until now.

Perez Guadalupe He explained that there are only six inmates at CEREC, classified as the most dangerous in the country, which is why the maximum security measures are applied to them.

“Can they speak by phone or not? Yes, but extraordinarily, only to direct relatives and their lawyers,” he said.

In that case, the officer in charge requests, at the request of the inmate, permission for the call, knowing the number and the person who will be called. Once the approval of the CEREC director is obtained, “the same sailor dials, they answer him on the other side and he passes the phone to the inmate.”

Investigate responsibilities

The former Minister of the Interior He pointed out that “logically, it is not a phone booth nor (the officer) is going to give him full freedom to speak whatever he wants, it is a small office and he speaks, but the sailors are nearby. CEREC is very small compared to a penal”.

“Here there has been a clear violation of the security protocols of the Maximum Security Detention Center of the Naval base. That is the concrete fact, because there should never have been those conversations, “he added.

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In addition, it ruled out the possibility that the family member or lawyer in turn communicates the inmate with a third party. “Seafarers are close by to hear conversations that have nothing to do with their rehabilitation or their legal cases.”

“It would be necessary to see if the Navy official who lent him the cell phone failed and did not dial, and let him call alone, or there is a higher level in the chain of responsibilities,” he said. Perez Guadalupe.

Marine Rule and INPE

The Peruvian Navy and the INPE announced the initiation of an investigation into Vladimir Montesinos for some phone calls he made to people other than those he requested in a special permit. Through a joint statement, both institutions reported that they have initiated an investigation to identify responsibilities after audios of conversations were broadcast that would be from the former presidential adviser.

In the pronouncement, he realizes a formal request that he made Vladimir Montesinos to use the landline phone at the Maximum Security Detention Center (CEREC), located at the Callao Naval Base, to call your partner on June 10 and 23, which was accepted by the institution.

However, last Thursday a series of audios were released -through the former presidential candidate Fernando Olivera– where presumably one listens to Montesinos dialogue with a retired military officer through a telephone communication. According to Olivera, Montesinos intended to coordinate actions to carry out an alleged fraud in the elections.

“In this regard, an investigation has been initiated to determine whether there would be responsibilities in CEREC personnel. In addition, a summary investigation into inmate Montesinos is in process, as established by the Cerec regulations and the provisions of the INPE. , the inmate will not be able to make any phone calls, “the statement said.

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