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Know who blocked you on WhatsApp without knowing it easily this way

Know who blocked you on WhatsApp without knowing it easily this way

There is no difficulty in identifying the person who has blocked you on WhatsApp through this method that we review for our readers, and therefore you can identify the person who has blocked you on WhatsApp by following the steps described in this report, since the blocking feature in WhatsApp is part of the app’s additions. And the ban is a tool that social networking sites generally use, in order to confront intruders and unwanted people to communicate with them, because there are many people who are difficult to deal with, and they always create tension and harassment in our lives, and if someone banned WhatsApp, it is important to know. In order not to be on your intruder list, as there are no direct ways to make sure that it is banned on WhatsApp, and the user cannot see the status after contacting after the ban, and must be aware of the reasons that led to your ban, you may have offended someone even without Intentionally, prompting WhatsApp ban.

Signs to see who blocked you on WhatsApp

It should be noted that WhatsApp does not inform the user of people who know who has banned him from WhatsApp, but by using this evidence you can easily identify and discover the circle of friends who banned from WhatsApp, and at the beginning there is a set of indicators and signals that indicate your ban on WhatsApp and you. Part of this information, which indicates suspicion of knowing who blocked you on WhatsApp, is the following:

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  • When you send WhatsApp messages to another person and you do not receive any response from him.
  • Not seeing the person’s profile on WhatsApp.
  • The disappearance of your personal photo from your WhatsApp account.
  • Without knowing the last appearance of the WhatsApp user.
  • The blue flag did not appear indicating that the user’s message was read on WhatsApp.

Likewise, in the case of sending messages to any normal person, their last appearance appears, and if you open Messenger to correspond with someone, you will find a mark that indicates the time and date of the last appearance of this person, and in the case that you cannot find this mark, there is a high possibility that this person has worked. About your WhatsApp ban, and while explaining the simple steps that lead you to make sure of the person who banned you on WhatsApp, as these are all signs and indicators to know who has blocked you on WhatsApp, but I’m not sure, and below We reviewed a clever method and trick to make sure of the person who blocked it. On WhatsApp with ease.

Make sure the person who blocked you on WhatsApp

The first step begins by making sure that the person who has banned you on WhatsApp begins with creating a new WhatsApp group, then adding the person you want to make sure has blocked you on WhatsApp to this group, and if they were added to the group, this person did not block you on WhatsApp, and if you repeat The attempt and you could not add the person to the WhatsApp group, because this person has definitely blocked you on WhatsApp, and despite the confirmation of the addition more than once , WhatsApp will not send you an error message, and you can identify New secrets and tricks of WhatsApp 2021 Which is not known by a large number of users, which makes it easier for you to use the WhatsApp application better.

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