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Launch of WhatsApp Premium: what is behind the subscription service?

Concerns that WhatsApp will eventually go paid has been driving users for years. Now the target group offers, according to the website actually a premium subscription. However, this is not a cause for concern as this will not change anything for most users. In fact, WhatsApp Premium is only intended for the business use of the messenger. Companies that use a business account to allow their customers to communicate through the platform should now benefit from the new subscription option.

WhatsApp Premium brings two features

In concrete terms, WhatsApp Premium unlocks two preferred features that can make business use of the software even more efficient. Anyone who pays a monthly fee can set up an individual business link. This is a special Internet address that can contain your business name and that customers can use to chat directly with the business in question. This address can be changed every 90 days if desired and is intended to facilitate contact with the company in question.

WhatsApp Premium is only available on a limited basis

The second premium feature is related to the use of a WhatsApp account on multiple devices. While traditional multi-device usage is limited to five devices, WhatsApp premium users can expand it to ten. All other business features of WhatsApp will remain free. According to the report, there are no plans to extend the premium model to private WhatsApp accounts. The business variant is currently only available in select countries and in the latest beta version of WhatsApp Business. If you want to check if you have access to the subscription, you can find the option in the app settings. What WhatsApp Premium costs is not yet clear. According to the report, the subscription can be canceled monthly.