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Legendary "Tetris" Player Jonas Neubauer Dies at 39 |  4Gamers

Legendary “Tetris” Player Jonas Neubauer Dies at 39 | 4Gamers

Credit: Twitter @ neubsauce

Many people are familiar with the classic “Tetris” (Tetris), famous and legendary player abroad, Jonas Neubauer, posted a sad message on his personal Twitter, Jonas Neubauer died of a medical emergency at the age of 39.

Jonas Neubauer is the inaugural World Classical Tetris Championship champion in 2010, and he is also the player who has won the most championship titles (7 seats).

In the 2018 competition, Joseph Saelee, who was only 16 at the time, defeated Jonas in the final, making the CTWC competition the focus of global attention, and Jonas’s reputation was also widely known. .

according to Kotaku In the interview, Jonas has been playing Tetris on the NES console since he was 8 years old. He spent his teens and 20th century on this classic game. His style of play is chaotic but wild. Always stack a lot of cubes first, creating a messy series of cubes. In the end, you can always delete them at once. He also told reporters: “The perfectionist’s performance in ‘Tetris’ is It’s terrible.”

“The essence of the game is that you will always die (fail), so you will try to be better and make the number of deaths lower, but there is no truly perfect game.” Jonas Neubauer said: “You did play” Final Fantasy 7 “, and you may not play it again after it is completely broken. But the strange thing is that the open game nature of” Tetris “always keeps me playing repeatedly. “.

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For many people who saw Jonas Neubauer live against Tetris, he is like the “God of Tetris”.

CTWC The official website also released a message to commemorate the legendary player.

Jonas, we miss you, we love you, and we thank you for inspiring us to always be our best.

All love to his wife Heather, his mother Sharry, his family and friends.

Rest in peace, our mighty hero.