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Amazing Games Done Quick 2021 Raises Over $ 2.7 Million For Charity

Amazing Games Done Quick 2021 Raises Over $ 2.7 Million For Charity

All Games Done Quick 2021 is a video game speed running marathon that raises money for charity, raising $ 2,758,847 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.
Games Done Quick We announced great news on Twitter. We also thank everyone involved and promised that the next big event in the news, Summer Games Done Quick 2021, will be held in the future.

AGDQ2021 ran from January 3rd to 10th, 25,651 donors from around the world Make an impressive total amount with 42,089 donations.

There were a total of 157 runs in which the speed runner played the following games. FINAL FANTASY VII, Super Mario 64 (blindfolded!), The Legend of Zelda: Links to the Past, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Beat Saber, And much more.

It’s possible that AGDQ2021 hasn’t raised as much as $ 3.13 million in AGDQ2020, but it’s important to note that the event was completely online, unlike last year. Summer Games Done Quick 2020 was also online, and the event raised $ 2.3 million.

For more information on Speedrun, see the series in which developers react to the game being Speedrun. Created games such as Hades, Doom Eternal, and the original Halo.

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