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Marathon Increases Bitcoin Production By 17% In June

Marathon Increases Bitcoin Production By 17% In June

In June, the American mining company Marathon Digital Holdings generated 265.6 BTC, 17% more than in May.

According to a press release, the Las Vgeas-based company owns 5,784 BTC worth approximately $ 201.6 million, including purchased in January 4182 BTC for $ 150 million.

In the second quarter of 2021, Marathon mined 654.3 BTC, three times more than the first three months: 191.7 BTC.

The company also announced the launch of 1,740 miners in June, bringing the total to 19,395.

In September 2020, Marathon signed a contract with Bitmain to purchase of 10500 Antminer S19 Pro… In October, the company agreed with the manufacturer on delivery of another 10,000 units… At the end of the year, the companies signed contract for 70,000 miners… The settlement amounted to $ 170 million.

Marathon director Fred Thiel spoke about “modernizing and maintaining” systems to accelerate miner supply in anticipation of a decline in the global bitcoin hashrate.

“We are now better equipped to receive large upcoming deliveries and exploit the expected favorable mining environment,” he added.

Marathon end of May 2021 announced the construction of a data center in Texas with a capacity of 300 MW. They plan to make the new facility 70% carbon neutral.

Recall that in July, the difficulty of mining bitcoin decreased by a record 27.94% – up to 14.36 trillion hashes (T).

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