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Microsoft is said to have acquired 3 major studios, the announcement may also take place at E3

Microsoft is said to have acquired 3 major studios, the announcement may also take place at E3

You can hear interesting things about the Xbox. The American gaming giant is said to also have 3 studios. bekebelezett, and these acquisitions will be announced during E3.

Rumor has it that Jeff Grubb, a GamesBeat journalist for one podcastben He confirmed that according to him, Xbox has also acquired 3 studios, namely the IO Interactive team responsible for the Hitman series, the Crytes, who are powering the Crysis series, and Avalanche Studios, to whom we owe the Just Cuse episodes. . Grubb, however, did not talk about whether there would be any big announcements at E3.

IO Interactive closed the Hitman trilogy in January this year, but in April the team was rumored to be working on a new Xbox exclusive game while the James Bond project was already on the table. The news of its acquisition would be perhaps most surprising, since not long ago, in June 2017, the guard was bought from Square Phoenix to continue operating as an independent studio.

The job could have been burned under the Crytek team, as a revamped version of the Crysis trilogy is coming later this year. Also, the Frankfurters already have an FPS sandbox game they are recruited developers. As for Avalanche, they are pretty quiet, but you might know it’s a new one. Projects They are working on what will presumably appear on the nextgen consoles. Avalanche Studios produced Just Cause 4 and Rage 2, both games available on Game Pass, which means that the commercial link is already established between the studio and the Xbox. Of course, no far-reaching conclusions can be drawn from this, but the ZeniMax acquisition was preceded by a similar pattern.

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If the listed stores are actually concluded, it is Sunday Xbox / Bethesda performance it would be a great opportunity to advertise them. And if that was not the case, you should not be discouraged either, because they will probably get a lot of things they will show in the event, like Starfield and Halo Infinite.