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Microsoft supports employees with $ 1,500 due to pandemic

Microsoft supports employees with $ 1,500 due to pandemic

Microsoft announced that it will reward each employee with $ 1,500 after more than a year affected by the pandemic.

This gesture is part of the effort of Microsoft to share hardships, keep employees comfortable during the pandemic, and ensure work productivity when working from home. Taking care of employees is also a way to reduce layoffs when companies reopen their offices.

Microsoft employees will receive a $ 1,500 bonus. Picture: Microsoft.

The total amount of bonuses for Microsoft employees is expected to be about $ 200 million. Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft’s director of human resources, announced the payment on July 8. A Microsoft spokesperson said bonuses will roll over to employee accounts in July and August globally.

Currently, the above payment only applies to Microsoft employees. As of the end of 2020, Microsoft has more than 166,000 employees worldwide. Subsidiaries, such as GitHub, LinkedIn, and Zenimax do not have this mode.

According to the business magazine Puget sound, some American technology companies such as Facebook, Amazon… also gave employees bonuses or vouchers to pay for their consumables for their efforts during the pandemic. In addition, companies also apply health care packages or additional paid time off for employees.

Bao Lam (according to the CNBC)

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