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Rainbow Six GSA Levo Cheating

Rainbow Six: Incorrectly Banned? – The Levolution case

Rainbow Six Siege is suffering. It suffers from cheating. Ubisoft’s tactical shooter has been plagued with troubling cheating incidents for a long time. Over and over again heated discussions flare up between the community and developers. Players demand: “Save your game, it dies!”

Then came the great redemption. in the Developer Blog Post Feb 10, 2021 Ubisoft writes that they are working on stat-based cheat detection. The purpose of this detection is to expose the most disturbing cheaters. The system has now been integrated and is showing the first consequences.

Anyone who has met Cheater in Rainbow Six Siege knows that stats are an excellent indicator that someone is cheating. If someone at a low level, even level 120 is extremely low, has an exceptionally high headshot rate, a dizzying K / D, and a high range, then subjectively in most cases it is an alternate account of a long time gamer or even a cheater.

But what if the system discovers an alternative account for a successful e-athlete or content creator who, due to their individual skills, easily generates above-average statistics on newly created accounts? The answer: it is unfairly prohibited.

This could also have happened to PENTA’s Fragger, German Firat ‘Levolution’ Hisan, also known as ‘Levo’. This was blocked yesterday, Thursday, July 8, 2021 for cheating for almost a year by Ubisoft for the GSA League. One possible reason is an 80 percent headshot rate, which he achieved on an alternate account that he played with viewers while streaming.

Excursus on the topic of Smurf: the difference with an alternative account

It is not prohibited to have and use a second or even a third account. However, what is known as “smurf” is prohibited. With a “Smurf,” as the definition in the Rainbow Six community, the player intentionally loses matches only to later meet lower ranked opponents. So if a platinum player has a silver rank on an account to play easy encounters with a lot of kills for him, then he is smurf.

However, if said platinum player is also ranked platinum with his second, third or fourth account, then he is not a Smurf and he is not doing anything forbidden or objectionable. The problem with the issue now is the path to royal rank. In Rainbow Six, a player can only play ranked matches starting at level 50. So far, they have played unranked or casual matches against opponents who are likely to be shorter. The same applies to the first classified matches.

If a player has never ranked on an account, they will start their first matches between a high silver and low gold rank, according to Ubisoft’s matchmaking statement. From that area, he increases his MMR score until he levels out at his original rank. Until now, it has been inevitable that the player in question will in the meantime meet opponents who have a lower level of play.

Are alternate accounts objectionable?

At this point, the issue gets complicated at times. The most obvious reason to have an alternate account is because of the servers. If a player competes in ranked matches with their friends and Ubisoft’s servers cause problems again, inadvertent termination, caused by server issues, could lead to a temporary suspension. The result: if you want to play with friends or teammates that night, you need a second account.

But creating a second account creates a new problem. Every player who creates a second account knows that they will face weaker opponents, at least temporarily. Is that reprehensible behavior? Is it reprehensible to have an alternate account because, as a player, you will inevitably run into inferior opponents for a short time?

We could broach this topic now and discuss and criticize Rainbow Six Siege matchmaking at the same time, but we won’t. This is a completely different topic than the one we are dealing with today and would be completely beyond the scope of this article. There are too many different points of view, arguments, factors and points of view that need to be considered and mentioned. So let’s continue the cheating topic and explain why this affects PENTA player Firat ‘Levolution’ Hisan.

GSA excludes levolution

As Rainbow Six Esports DE announced on Twitter yesterday, Thursday, July 8, 2021, PENTA’s ‘Levolution’ will be banned from the GSA due to cheating until June 28, 2022. Ubisoft emphasized that no anomalies were found in the PENTA account. Levolution used in official matches.

The violation that led to the 22-year-old’s ban was found on an alternate Fragger account. According to the GSA rules, this affects all a player’s accounts. Levolution himself claims that he has never cheated and that it is a ban based on the statistical detection of cheating mentioned at the beginning. He also explains that he informed the GSA about the ban himself, as he had never cheated and was sure that the ban was due to a glitch in the system.

“It all started with the fact that my previous account, which I played mainly with spectators, was banned at the end of April, due to an alleged hoax. […]As I cannot blame myself and I knew it was probably a system failure, I reported directly to those responsible for the GSA on April 24, 2021 before third parties brought it to my attention and the need for clarification arose. “- Firat ‘ Levolution ‘Hisan

Levolution then added that the ban must be related to the account statistics and refers to the high rate of headshots relative to the low level.

“I was sure that if I verified the reason for the ban, it would come to light that the account was banned due to the statistics. It had a headshot rate of around 80 percent and was below the 100 level. “

The GSA bans Levolution for one year for cheating. Source: Ubisoft

/ Update: Ubisoft stopped talking about cheating all of a sudden

There is already an update on this Friday’s incident. On the official Rainbow Six Esports DE Twitter channel, those responsible for Ubisoft express themselves again and suddenly they no longer speak exclusively of cheating, but also of toxic behaviors, which cannot be tolerated, as well as the “performance indicators” in the update message. justify the ban.

In principle, a new examination of the case confirmed the decision, despite the objections of Levolution itself and its organization PENTA Sports:

System error is not a special case

Levolution’s great hope is that Ubisoft will admit that it was mistakenly banned due to its high headshot rate and that the GSA ban would be lifted as a result.

We emphasize at this point that we cannot judge to what extent the ban on the e-athlete is justified or if there really is a mistake. It is not unlikely that there was an error, as these types of incidents have already occurred and are public knowledge.

Some examples are the content creators “Plerto” and “RyyFyy”, who were also falsely banned for cheating in the past and got their accounts back. Also, every day there are stories of innocent players, who learned the same, but wait in vain for the account to be unlocked.

Surprise: great ability leads to high stats

The big question now is: is Rainbow Six Siege’s anti-cheat system still reliable? Does the system really ban players who never cheated if they have above-average stats?

If so, and we can’t judge that, then another important question arises: Is it really surprising that professional esports people who compete in the game’s major leagues every day have above-average stats? After all, those athletes are active as players in the major leagues with the best teams because they perform well above average compared to normal players.

If it weren’t for that, players like Levo wouldn’t play for teams like PENTA. If it wasn’t as good as it is, it would be surprising if it had that headshot rate. But it’s so good, that Ubisoft proved to some extent when they confirmed that the Levolution account used in the GSA League is free of anomalies.

There, the 22-year-old faced not only the strongest national teams in the region, including Sissi State Punks and Goskilla, but also teams EUL Rogue, Team Secret and G2 Esports. Levolution was convincing and none of his opponents expressed any suspicion that he might be cheating. On the contrary, as a result of the sanction, they even wished him luck so that the situation was resolved, as shown by the tweet from his opponent ‘Zenoxo’.

Die Rainbow Six Community fordert: #freelevo

The truth is that Ubisoft’s anti-cheat system has weaknesses. While it happens more and more often that innocent players are banned due to too high stats and numerous professionals fear for their careers due to their alternate accounts, cheaters with 10, 20 and even 30 K / D are terrorizing lobbies. No one knows exactly how the system works and no one understands the seemingly random selection of banned accounts from abroad. It’s time for Ubisoft to better communicate with affected players and the community.

For the 22-year-old Fragger of PENTA, the only thing left for now is to wait. He is supported by numerous familiar faces: Sua, Shermi, Dezachu, Plerto, Zenoxo, Pengu. But it’s not just seasoned professionals and content creators who support the German, who worked hard for his success over the years and already played big on the console when he started his career. The community also endorses Firat Hisan with the hashtag #freelevo and believes in his innocence.

Levo himself explains again in an open letter why he would never cheat and asks the community for help. He hopes that the reach and support of the people will make a difference, as he fears that alone is too unimportant to Ubisoft.

“I am one of the many with a flawed spell. I know of many people who have problems with this, but they never reported it or made it public. I am a very honest person from scratch. I often offend others, but I don’t lie. I would never cheat in this game.

I have been playing R6 every day for several hours for several years. I train at Aimlab every day to be on top at some point. This is my dream. I wouldn’t destroy it by cheating on a streaming account.

I ask you, how contradictory is that? I’m innocent. I’m just too irrelevant to Ubisoft. Help me dear R6 community. It is not about love or hate, but about justice.

You Levo “

You can read Levolution’s official statement here:

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