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Microsoft Teams, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Office move to the Metaverse

Microsoft Teams, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Office move to the Metaverse

The topic of virtual reality is also becoming more and more interesting for Microsoft. As is now known, Microsoft is pursuing the goal of integrating several of its own products into the Metaverse in the near future. This announcement came from Microsoft CEO himself, Satya Nadella. He commented at the Meta Connect conference that he is actively working to bring products like Office, Windows and Teams to the Metaverse. Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming was also mentioned in this context. They are working more closely with Meta to be able to offer these offers for the Quest VR headset as well. Therefore, a use must be created within a virtual reality environment.

Team innovations.

Especially for Microsoft Teams, Satya Nadella promises great innovations and a wide range of possible uses for the now very popular online communication service. Meta headsets should make it possible to use a custom Meta avatar system, especially for teams. Users should also have the opportunity to join Microsoft Teams meetings directly from breakout rooms. There should also be powerful features regarding Office. But that’s not all, because as Nadella’s announcement makes clear, Microsoft wants to expand the Metaverse with a host of products.

Integrations in Metaverse should significantly change future office work

The objective of this project is to work together with Meta to transfer future office work to the virtual area. This also shows the plan to bring Windows 365 to virtual reality dimensions and thereby shape office behavior in a whole new way.

Gamers should also get their money’s worth, because Microsoft plans to connect Xbox cloud gaming with the Metaverse in addition to all aspects of office work. Players could soon experience Gaming Pass titles in the Metaverse.