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Microsoft’s new plans: Windows should make more money again

Microsoft apparently wants in view of the stagnation or even the fall of the income of the distribution of the operating system windows try to earn more money with it using a new strategy. The focus is on advertising and cloud.

As a Microsoft specialist Mary-Jo Foley at ZDNet reported that the software company wants to try to generate more revenue from the Windows business by integrating more and more advertising space. To this end, more and more places have recently been installed in the veteran operating system for banners or other advertising measures, be it in the new search box or in the Edge browser.

The CEO confirms it: Windows will become a vehicle for the sale of advertising

Speaking to financial analysts and journalists on the occasion of the announcement of Microsoft’s latest business figures, this was confirmed by the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, who explained that Windows is now increasingly used as a vehicle for ad delivery. for your own products and those of third parties.

For the future, however, Microsoft obviously has much broader plans for advertising in Windows. According to job openings Foley spotted on LinkedIn and Microsoft’s own career portal, Windows and cloud services called Windows 365 will soon be even more closely linked.

New ‘web-based shell’ planned

Microsoft wants to create a “web-based shell with direct integration with Windows 365,” as it’s called in the new employee search announcements for the newly founded so-called “Windows Incubation Team.” The aim is apparently to sell to companies, but also to private customers, simpler and probably cheaper PCs in the future, which are more of a kind of thin client than a classic desktop or laptop.

Because virtually all data processing takes place on servers on the Internet with this approach, such future devices at the user’s site could operate with significantly lower performance. Microsoft would then make money from both advertising and subscriptions, just as the company is already doing with offering cloud PCs around Windows 365 on a limited scale.

Microsoft is aiming for nothing but a new business model

According to the job posting, it’s about nothing less than “creating a new direction for the Windows business model and user experience, from cheap ad-supported PCs to “cloud direct” hardware devices for work and life”. Microsoft obviously aims to make its cloud-based Windows desktop, previously only available to business customers, accessible to private customers as well. Windows 365 was officially launched in August 2021 and the Azure cloud platform to offer a kind of “cloud PC”. This is also supported by the fact that the team behind Windows 365 has been part of the Windows and hardware chief Panos Panay’s area of ​​responsibility since July 2022.

In addition to the Windows 365 app, developers are also working on Windows 365 Boot, which allows a PC to boot directly to the desktop in the cloud, the new Windows 365 switch to easily switch between classic PCs and the desktop in the cloud. online, and Windows 365 offline. , which aims to allow offline operation with subsequent synchronization of the cloud PC with the web-based part of the offer.

In addition to the already very successful game streaming with products like “Project Xcloud”, Microsoft apparently wants to make end customers happy with desktop streaming soon, and move our PCs to their servers. Of course, then there must be a subscription model or at least an opportunity to finance the offer through advertising.

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