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Nanoleaf x Corsair iCUE: RGB-Formen leuchten im Takt des PCs

Nanoleaf x Corsair iCUE: RGB shapes shine to the beat of the PC

Image: Nanosheet

Nanoleaf, which offers color-changing light panels, LED light bulbs and strips, among other things, and Corsair have partnered to enable all Nanoleaf Smart RGB products to sync with Corsair gaming peripherals via the iCUE software.

Dynamic and synchronized lighting effects

Product lines supported in Nanoleaf include Lines, Shapes, Canvas, and Light Panels. As with integrations with other lighting manufacturers, Nanoleaf RGB products respond dynamically and in real time to gameplay with synchronization via iCUE, color-matching lighting effects from any Corsair peripheral. Corsair now offers iCUE compatible keyboards, CPU coolers, gaming mice and headsets with its RGB lighting. Users can choose from a total of 13 preset lighting effects, such as Rainbow Wave and Rain, or create their own lighting effects in the software using the Custom Profile Creator.

Lighting settings are controlled and adjusted via the Nanoleaf app or Corsair iCUE software via desktop PC. Installation of the iCUE software is required to set up the integration. The Nanoleaf integration is then activated in the iCUE app and added to the iCUE lighting. According to Nanoleaf, its own users have shown strong interest in integrating with iCUE, which is why the decision was made to implement it.

Nanoleaf and Corsair iCUE are now working together (Image: Nanoleaf)

Nanoleaf supports Matter and Thread

An interesting aspect for the near future will be how the Matter mount allows Nanoleaf light elements to be integrated into such lighting programs without special integration. Nanoleaf announced support for Matter early on and is already using Thread as the streaming standard for some products like Lines.

The company has already tested interaction with Samsung’s SmartThings through Matter. After the launch of the Matter 1.0 cross-vendor smart home standard on Tuesday, Nanoleaf should also be able to certify its products in a timely manner to release Matter via a software update.

ComputerBase received information about this article from Nanoleaf under NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.